Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ventura's WAV project.

Now for a little local news:

(renderings, i hope you knew that)

The city of ventura is nearing completion of its new WAV(WorkingArtistsVentura) building. It is to have 69 live/work spaces; 54 specifically built, priced and tailored to artists of all kinds; the other 15 priced to help the recently homeless get back on their feet. To offset the low costs of the artist spaces, there will sit 13 large, full-market priced condos atop the 4 story structure. The building also has a built-in main gallery for tenants to host shows and parties and shite whenever they want/need. On top of all that badassery, theres 6000 square feet of commercial space on the bottom floor that the city hopes will fill up with art stores, galleries, shops, cafes, jazz clubs, all that shit that comes with the culture.

And thats exactly what it is, a cultural planter; a grow your own arts district.

i say yes.


  1. dude i wanna go visit that next time i'm in town
    :o wut
    i'd move into a place like that if it were here.

  2. thats what im talkin about, they finally listened. but id rather build my own.....we will see