Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heres a New Water PDF, just for you

Ok so i finally got to scan New Water, my home scanner isnt big enough and kept cutting off bits here and there and was generally driving me insane, and PS cs4 cant export to pdf so i had to use stupid Bridge, but yeah.


It took roughly 3 weeks from concept to finished translation of my good chum Juan Ramos' unfinished short story, New Water, comic style. I even slopped out a cover for it on the quick, awe.

More comics in the future because i like it.


Click here to download the entire 12 page minicomic.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last stretch of new water

just got some terrible lettering to doooo dooooo

Friday, December 10, 2010

got some new comics

Its cool when you stumble on a stew that has a lot of ingredients that youre aware of separately, but oblivious that the ingredients have met at any place in time.

I had no idea this was written and originally illustrated by Gerard Way, the singer of My Chemical Romance, nor did i know that James Jean did most of the cover art.

Seeing The White Violin enticed me, thats it.


I like Ben Templesmith, the first thing i read of his was Fell: Feral City, written by Sir Ellis, and i think everything he puts out, is at the very least, consistently interesting and nice and dreamblurish.

Not only did he illustrate Singularity 7, but he wrote it too. Cool characters, awesome visuals, neat story and solid panelwork. Theres a little mini comic at the end too about love, awe.

Respect, mister Templesmith.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

remember this?

I've been trying to find out what this was for years, with only this picture and the memory of some weird name like dormandowst or grumbledork. (giggle)

I finally mined it to doom and found it on some random list of clockpunk related works on a steampunk wiki.

Gormenghast motherfuckers.

its a four hour-long episode tele miniseries on the bbc 10 years ago based on novels by mervyn peake, which are supposed to be kinda mind-numbingly dark and detailed. he was incapacitated and died before he could really go crazy with it i understand.

im watching it now.

its neat.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


photobucket sucks.

beautiful things arent allowed anymore.

Heres my links

heres the photos

the first one was the original photo without all the text, so im pretty sure its not a copyright issue, as this closeup is still on there

heres two more that arent on there, for good measure

leading me to believe that its been deemed offensive in some way

who the fuck thinks these are offensive, theyre amazing

eat my butt photobucket

Thursday, November 25, 2010

via jav

i like these fellers

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Update maybe perhaps

Hello meat, this is BonesandRobots.

I'm Triston, some people call me human, mostly people who don't know me.

I make things, and this is my blog where i post things. Some of it is my work, a lot more of it is random bits of art and culture swirling around here and there that inspire my days.

I think the random interest posting will slow here for a while, i'm working on a couple comic projects that allow me to avoid the wired cesspools i swim in regularly and focus on my own shit, so thats nice.

I'm sketching the full pages of New Water currently, a 12 or so page comic bit written by my buddy Juan. He doesn't know that I'm actually doing it so that'll be a fun surprise. It's also the perfect shot to test out a lot of techniques I've been rolling around in my domepiece in regards to sequential art and all that good stuff so i know what i'm doing when i start up Tribe, which is still a ways off, but getting a little more solid as days go by.

I'm waiting on this super flaky model Cameron to get me shots for a commissioned stencil piece, but I have a feeling shes all talk. Might be looking for a new model soon so if you are or know one, hit me up. It pays.

So yeah, things'll get more focused probably, stripping out Paper Futures i think, mostly i think because, talking to and interviewing artists i don't know for it is SO, FUCKING, BORING. Sure theres some gems in there, but listening to self absorbed creatures talking about how great they are and why makes me shit bile. I wish we were in the same room so I could vomit directly on their sandwiches. Plus i've already put out a one man issue of, without a doubt, one of the top 5 most badass art mags i've read this year; slap a check mark on the list. Could always go back to it, but theres little desire to unless i'm thrown copious monies for it. It's certainly a job.

So, yes, comics are coming. Because thats next on the list, in large print.

heres some newer drawings.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Animation blocks, the world and a Plea for new things: A 90's animation pseudolesson from a hopeless cartoon kid

I was thinking the other day about media based nostalgia; how it'll never be the same from this generation on.

Theres something about putting in an olde tape and audiovisually comparing it to a memory, overlaying time crusted stains and statics and worbles over the mind perfect emotional copy burned into your head. This generations' information is lasers, and will never, ever experience the beautiful time degradation of magnetized media, nor know the proper respect for the easily damaged history they allow into their consciousness.

They just suck info and shit, rarely taking the time to digest whats eaten.

It came to me while digging for this:

This was a bump from Toonami's early days.

Heres a couple more:


I was 15 when it formed from the stagnant waters of cartoon network; It'd been 3+ years since MTV's Liquid Television had stabbed me in the brain with obviously unsupervised creativity not seen anywhere at the time, and probably never again.

But the Liquid Television was a soon abandoned idea that later fed a Toonami[you heard me], which is no surprise since Viacom was the mothership for both MTV and Cartoon Networks, and each respective programming block was a phenomenon cut from basically the same cloth.

Each had their flagships, as well as evolutions, as time went on.

Liquid Television had its Aeon Flux, one of the greatest barrier-pushing american animated shows to date.

Cartoon Network had its Space Ghost Coast to Coast, using animation cells from the olde 60's Space Ghost Hanna-Barbera cartoon to jigsaw together a spoof late-night talk show, which at the time and to this day, was a pretty fucking insane idea.

They obviously had different objectives and audiences(or maybe not), action to comedy.

LT, in time, spawned Oddities.

Along with a new full length series of Aeon Flux, oddities brought about:

The Maxx


The Head

And later still, the amazing under-the-radar gem,

MTV Downtown

Toonami continued to grow like wildfire over the years, snatching up licenses and promoting some industry skewing shows of their own.


(this was the first ever completely computer animated show, it blew my fucking mind when i first saw it, its hilarious now but i honestly couldnt grasp how it was done at the time, i just didnt understand)


Gundam Wing

Toonami eventually mashed its way into the late-late-nightosphere with Midnight Run, which would ultimately trigger a split into two entities, a core Toonami block and a completely revamped, much more adult oriented block;

The mighty, mighty,

[adult swim]

To me, there was little better than hearing the words "All kids out of the pool" back in the day.

This was a true animated revolution in the states, the first time a network had actually given a studio (Williams Street/Ghost Planet Industries) both financial(albeit limited) backing and complete creative control for the purpose of creation itself. Sure, it was to set a foundation for a massive wave of american animation, contrary to Toonamis mostly Japanese licenses, but it was really the beginning of a brand new subculture in and of itself.

Many of the original shows kept with the cheaper Hanna-Barbera Space Ghost technique, focusing more on amazing banter and still visuals than actual animation.

Sealab 2021

Harvey Birdman

Home Movies



Until the animation eventually caught up to the banter.


Venture Bros


This posts turned out to be way longer than i thought it was going to be, but theres a little history lesson for you on the state of american cartoons right now and some of the horses and roads they rode in on.

I think the moral of the story is that creative people need to be creative and true to themselves regardless of outside forces like trends and business and commercial property gumming up the works; once integrity is neglected and the focus on making a buck is pressed, the work becomes an obvious selling point and resonance of the simple act of creation is phased out and traded in for more plastic, and nobody wants to live on the plastic beach the Gorillaz have been telling us about lately, now do they?

To be honest, im not sure whats on [as] right now because its mostly family guy and king of the hill and live action shorts surviving on the brand name instead of ingenuity. Sure, what goes up must come down, but sometimes, just sometimes, what goes down comes back up. Thats what all the animation blocks ive written about here: Liquid Television, Toonami, Adult Swim, all have in common. Theyre all water based, and have an ebb and flow all there own. They may evaporate and dry up over time, but there no telling when the next storms coming.

I'll leave you with a chunk of bumps, unsung heroes of latelate night and the supreme manifestations of magic hour design, mad tinkery,

and a gateway to eargasm.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surviving the Future

"On Thursday, October 21, CBC TV showed 'Surviving the Future', an hour-long documentary on both the major challenges facing us over the next half-century and the amazing technologies and social shifts underway to meet those challenges. Directed by the award-winning documentarian Marc de Guerre, Surviving the Future is a rather intense piece of work, with interviews with a variety of scientists, writers, and other thinkers.

via grinding

ps there may or may not be a torrent for it here.

Future Talkin

"The future isn’t going to feel futuristic

It’s simply going to feel weird and out-of-control-ish, the way it does now, because too many things are changing too quickly. The reason the future feels odd is because of its unpredictability. If the future didn’t feel weirdly unexpected, then something would be wrong.

-Douglas Coupland

Check out the whole post full of lots and lots of future-y things here at grinder

Postcards from Future London

see many more here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Have some sugary blood slides of doom

It's almost Halloween i hear. Thats when human blood is sweetest.

heres how to do that thing.

Banksy Simpsons Intro

it's olde already, but here it is just in case it slid by you

Music Video fun

Uploaded a bunch more videos to the yootoob channel, im on "S" now.

Neat, some good stuff in there.


<-----theres a bunch more over on the top left link.

and i mean a BUNCH.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another World Will Surround Me

i saw this commercial the other day.

i havent seen avatar yet, theres something about keeping something foreign that keeps it infinitely interesting and endlessly beautiful.

had to hunt down the song too, it makes my electrons cum.

Lightpainting with a tablet

via core77 and berglondon

Moon Wiring Club album IMMINENT

A voice beamed into my skull today.

It said:
"A new MWC album is IMMINENT (ish).

Please take time to digest this information clearly by practising the dance routines you've learnt from the recent ITV summer season along with this deftly stimulating promotional clip: Slumberwick Dreams.

Selected dance styles include:

Somnambulist half-baked shuffle
Reverse Outpatients Boogie
The Hypnagogic Hop
The Narcoleptic Pop
Backwards sleepwalk style
Sepia Insanity
Confusional B/W two-step frugg.

We wish you every success with your routines.

ITV judges will be forming out of the furniture to judge you in your own home NOW.

This is Confusing English Electronic Music."

-interrupt transmission-

havent yet slept, brain mushy.

internet hiatus until midweek to do some drawing and things, site on autopilot until then, leave me prizes here: bonesandrobots (at) gmail (dot) com

heres a picture, enjoi your week

Playing with light - Mon ami le robot

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Duas Cores - Rail Lovers

Not sure if i'd be brave enough to name a train graff book 'Rail Lovers' (im funny), but the book looks pretty badass.

Check it out and buy 3 here.

Wired urges Hollywood to make trippier comics flix

like maybe a little Morrison and Ellis?

via wired

The Professor's Daughter

Check out this fucking magical short comic.

It's about a beautiful girl named Lillian, the mummified Pharaoh Imhotep and the adventures that follow such a love.

The writing is proper classic and the watercolors are unusually gorgeous.

Such a random find, like treasure.

Rhinestone Eyes Storyboard Video

Holy shit so i randomly came up on this.

On Melancholy Hill was fine, but the day after i saw it i had a question: How the FUCK was Rhinestone Eyes not the new single?

It's easily the best song on Plastic Beach, hands down, and the videos looking to be as such.

And it looks like its on its way, I couldn't be happierrrr <3

Friday, October 22, 2010

KnuckleSupper.com is live, suckahz

KnuckleSupper.com is officially live.

Mosey over for lots of reasons, see the characters i drew for it, preorder the book, read a chapter, support a charity - and get some free shit while youre at it.

This i command, whelps.

Check it.

The Idol Hours