Thursday, October 29, 2009


i just stopped by an atm to get munny for food, to find the atm next door had a card in it, still logged in, with no one to be found as the owner.

instead of draining his account and being glad with new riches i turned it in to the bank people.




Some milk and serial.

Cayden just sent me an email about a book he's working on.

"Im making a whole book for an art project about serial killers. Don't think im a sick puppy! i just find this stuff interesting..."

Me too man, if we can figure out how a serial killers mind really works, we can build way better ones.

Thanks mister, let us know when its ready for eyes, as ill rub mine all over it. <3

(If youd like to share a project of your own, let us know at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

his name is

Glitter Words

aaaaaaah, man im loaded.

Delme is the victor in this first week of munnyrefacing! good werk mister.

ive been floating around bubbling through his fotostream for the last half hour. heres some pics:

lots of neat stuff, and some of it you can trade money for. hes even a fine chap.

click for his fotostream.

and im off for a wander


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

good night loves

im off to bed


just came across this gent Daito Manabe, i like his style.

daito's site

Story time.

In 1986, an anime short film compilation called neo tokyo was released. It featured 3 of the greatest anime artist/directors of the time, all of whom still hold up as giants, swiping the gnats away from them in their castles in the sky. Otomo(akira), Kawajiri(ninja scroll) and Rintaro(metropolis) each helmed one(Construction Cancellation Order, Running Man and Labyrinth Labyrinthos, respectively)

Now, there was a song in Labyrinth Labyrinthos that always got me. It was a Piano, thats it. I loved the sound of it. Some songs make the thoughts behind your eyelids shrink to almost nothing in the endless void of your skull, you know what im talking about.

I scoured the cosmos for info on that song, but back then info wasnt as easy to mine as it is now.(codgeristic) So time went on and i heard that song when i watched that short, and thats all.

Then come this year sometime and i finally get around to watching The Royal Tenenbaums, by the always amazing Wes Anderson.

Theres a scene where Richie Tenenbaum goes to visit Eli Cash for the first time in months. A really relaxing scene full of quad tribe paintings and mescaline talks follow accompanied by the hidden mystery song of 10+ years, and in another great scene of another great movie.

It followed me. After all this time, it still remembered.

Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No.1

Happy Magic Hour.

This is bonesandrobots.

Watch for falling monsters.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Had to say a werd.

Yo guys, just wanted to give a plug to a mag not enough people read, but it towers over the other artmags on the shelf every time i read it. Jam it straight into your eyeballs and giggle manically.

Super secret project, ooooh!

So i mentioned recently that a new project is in its giant-growing-akira-infant stages. The list of confirmed cats is as follows: myself, Haligh, Mephesto, Lament, Blom, Noshi, Bugel, Orcid, Inkjoy, Nano and Eyeformation. We're waiting to hear back from about 4 more people and project is go.

Thats all for now, but keep the internet stabbed into your heads, for more comes soon.

Some slaps going out.

I like to draw hair more and more.


COMBO - an amazing grafimation By David Ellis and Blu.

You may have seen this already, but ive been out for a few days and i just saw it.

It blew my shit, so here you go:

Cyborg Hand

The worlds first real cyborg hand connected directly to a humans nerve endings now exists.

Here it is:

Holy shit.

Monday Munny Refacings

Well its been a week since the munny refacing project began, lets see what weve got here..

Oh, neat.

Great job fellas, lets say delme takes this week, the reasons being i thought they were photochop jobs until i viewed them very large, and because theres a lot of them <3. Nice ones man, very clean.

MunnyRefacing will be a weekly battle that will become a large compilation pdf of moneyarts if people decide to keep feeding the pool with fancy new moneys.

check out more refacing and add your own here.

good day chaps

stepped out from my capsule this morning with the sun eagerly greeting the idea.

transmissions will resume in an hour or so.

welcome back to bonesandrobots.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to add:

if you have anything interesting/awesome/stupid/perverse youd like to share with the scumpool, email it to and ill see about posting some up.

entertain us, we demand it.

time, you bastard.

just scrawled down everything i need to have done by monday and almost cried, posting will be sparse for the remainder of the week while i tinker in the lab.

many new things soon after, ideally.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Evening.

This is bonesandrobots.



i just got a ticket for jaywalking, that is to say, walking in an undesignated area.

a ticket?


get a real job j. cochran, you fat idiot.(burn)

ps. hate.


Good morning.

This is bonesandrobots.

New projects start now.

Munny Re:Facing - Draw on all your money and show us the goods.

New minibook fun - ill post confirmed contributors in a week or so.

Halloween art show partyfuck time - My good pal Clont is hosting an art show at his house very soon <3, and im set to have a piece or two in it, assuming i can get the proper supplies to block print with blood.

Stay tuned for details.

Mystery Molecule.

Wtf is that?

Some sort of single celled beast?


Should i fear infection?


Oh, its just popcorn.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Then, to my surprise:

Where there was only a main street, suddenly had become a giant street carnival.

I'd say they dont advertise these things nearly well enough, but i seemed to be the only one not in the know.

Anyway theres music, foods, trinkets, artstuff, businesscrap, carnivalfun, and the highest concentration of beautiful women ive seen in a long while.


It could definitely use a younger, more urban wing, however.


Return to the tunnel.

Its been about 2 years since ive been to my old stomping grounds underneath moorpark.

Heres some pictures. A couple neat pieces, mostly just noise.

Oh also i thought this was neat:

(Raul Z and myself)

Have a little Psyche Origami

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The cyborgs are coming.

Spider Pill - Because we all want robot spiders inside our bodies.

Prosthetics Parade Some pretty amazing designs for the future of prosthetics.

Eyeball video to brain rig built at MIT.

Aliens-esque power loader coming 2015.

good morning, moon units

this is bonesandrobots, and there isnt a cloud in the sky.


Netted from the aether. Check it.





Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have a brain punch.

Ok, so theres a new uber bizarre theory about the Hadron Collider.

That the Higgs Boson, the theoretical "God particle", is so contrary to nature that - bear with me - the mere attempt to create one would cause a ripple through time, sabotaging the attempt from the beginning, e.g. breaking a Large Hadron Collider trying to create it.

Insane? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

Hit the jump for the full article, and pull up a chair for the great reigniting in december.


Preorders, meet freebies.

Preorder freebies all packed up in their own little trojan horse, a postal package of doom.

On the way to lament, who will then dish them out like a tiny, tweaked out sushi chef.

The kings are dead.

First paste in forever, still gotta cut out the negative space.

rain, teeth and bruised flesh later

good morning, and good evening to the new scum across the pond.

this is bonesandrobots.

have to muster the courage to trek through the watery assault to the local wifi hole, things coming later today if i survive.

Monday, October 12, 2009

good morning meatbags

this is bonesandrobots.

awoke in an impossible cocoon of bedding. the cat is up to something, i feel it.

last night i killed a whole sharpie in one sitting, ill post the piece when i get a chance.

happy monday punching hour.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

have gone to suicide

intend to resurrect tomorrow.

feed cat.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kush L.A. Magazine

A quick post about Kush L.A. Magazine, a publication my brother let me check out the other day.

Im not usually an advocate of the whole weed culture thing, but i love the smoke, so i gave it a look through.

Turns out, its much more than i thought it was going to be, its a chunk of LA in little printable form; a little bit high times, a little bit LAWeekly paper, a club dispensary list, local goings on, as well as news on breakthroughs as far as legality and new registered uses and history you had no idea about. Its always nice to see something with a conditioned stigma around it talked about by grown ups in a rational way. Its Cali's biggest cash crop after all, or would be if legalized.

If youre in the LA area or California in general and likes the smoke, take a gander.

Its free, informative, fun and has coupons for weed.