Monday, October 19, 2009

Good morning.

This is bonesandrobots.

New projects start now.

Munny Re:Facing - Draw on all your money and show us the goods.

New minibook fun - ill post confirmed contributors in a week or so.

Halloween art show partyfuck time - My good pal Clont is hosting an art show at his house very soon <3, and im set to have a piece or two in it, assuming i can get the proper supplies to block print with blood.

Stay tuned for details.


  1. On purpose it's named after KidRobot's Munny?

  2. Yeah, i well know kidrobot, but no, its got nothing to do with them. i just spell certain werds wrong habitually.

    Unless of course, kidrobot would like to donate some prizes for this project, in which case yes, yes i definitely did do it purposefully.

    kidrobot, hook some suckas up.

  3. ohyes!
    projects projects projects