Saturday, February 9, 2013

the ex cop cop killer

This is the letter the ex-cop in L.A. thats systematically killing other cops and their families right now left.

i wish i had more powerful machines so i could properly dig this info out, but from what ive seen he seems intelligent and sane to me.  its a long long borderline ranty read but pretty neat if youre into that sort of thing.
it gives me sort of a bane-y vibe thats interesting.
so i guess according to the note and several reports and digs this guy was a cop and a marine with pretty high security clearance(he says right below secret service), hes blown the whistle on basically a big chunk of the LAPD that is, as he says, now run by the crew that was around during rodney king and that nothings changed about the insane, gang-like corruption in the ranks.  he says the internal investigations, hi-ranking guys, young and old alike are in on it and theyre into some bizarre shite.
he says theres an ongoing contest between stations to get a fone pic of the worst beaten suspect, that cops get giddy when people are murdered because they make a shitload of overtime, crazy racism, forging charges like its nothing, all sorts of nutty corruption stuff.
could be just another madman, could be a new sort of proper villain or a good dude trying to relay a real message now that we're too drowned in them to hear anything, could be a manufactured thing or they could be using this guys identity to clean house for a sort of coup situation or even a police turfwar, which would actually be sort of beautiful in a horrifying sort of way.
who knows.
hes killed the daughter of a hi-ranking official turned department lawyer, her husband and apparently killed one cop and wounded another, never caught their names so im not sure if they were on his list.
while searching for this guy the LAPD has shot up two separate trucks that looked like his(sorta), in one was a 71 year old woman and a kid.  the kid took one in the hand i think and the olde woman took two in the back, but is said to survive.  i would check to see if they have any connections to him, just to make sure.  his vehicle was found up near or in the mountains, on fire, with footprints leading up into the freezing mountains.
that was 2 days ago i believe, and thereve been 100 cops sweeping those mountains with dogs and choppers ever since, and its very cold out right now.
anyway, its very interesting, thought id pass it along.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


i need to come home again.

things are afoot, new stuff soon.


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