Friday, April 27, 2012



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paper Futures under 10 bux until may 13th, boom

i just caught this today on the magcloud site

dont know how long its been in effect, but its a keen surprise :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

bungie releases a staggering statspage as a goodbye to its starchild, halo

Today was the last stat update for halo by bungie servers as it officially passes the torch to 343.

Since its release 10 years ago, users have logged in 232,182 YEARS of collective gameplay.

Ive spent many a night on matchmaking, meeting scumbags and badass teammates alike, working together and going off and rambo-ing it up by ourselves. Getting each others backs and teamkilling. getting really baked and stomping a whole team on hemmorhage or sandtrap, straight running shit. coordinating with headsets, or even crazier, without them. one of the best things was when youd be thrown into a game and the whole team gels and everyones where they need to be all the time and its all resonance and playstyle modification and seeing yourself and all of your teammates as appendages of one creature and coordinate like a ballet rather than a bunch of people running around in mass chaos.

its beautiful really.

oh listen to me, i could play reach right now if i wanted to. but its no longer bungies baby, its on its own and will grow and change how it will, without its birthparents to instill its morals and standards as it does, and its new foster parent 343, well see how it goes.

Weekends were halodays with the homies. we got pretty serious about it, they even put two big flatscreens in the living room permanently so we could always run 2 legit splitscreens at once, if the need arose.

And it aaaaalways did.

Nullianack - grenadehappy
Rockrete - invinciblerambo
Egovoruhk - sneakyfuck
DJBooba - tankjacker
Goat - misslebastard
and me, FinneganHiwater - im something or other im sure

Badman Silence

i posted this a while back, but it was still unfinished then.

now it isnt :D

its a music video for dj deceits badman silence, made by creative immortal using photoshop and aftereffects, in which he animates a comic named nemesis, which is about a supervillain without a hero to stop him

Liquid City

a giant short-comic compilation book featuring artists living exclusively in southeast asia

lots of style, loads of good stuff