Monday, August 30, 2010

Galaxy News Radio

Its difficult to really get writing about something youre still in the process of experiencing, and its even tougher to convey a feeling that that thing gives you during its digestion. Fallout 3 is amazing. Im a purist, and i didnt think Bethesda could pull off what Interplay did with fallout and fallout 2.

I was wrong.

Thats all i'll say, because i can't say enough.


So someone finally decided to take every badass thing they could think of and mash it all up into 1 movie.

mhm, im down.

Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny

A new teabag that uses nanofibers and carbon to suck contaminations and bacteria out of water.
via io9

Spider Tag vs The World

La Pluma Electri*k sent me a video about their newest project, 'Spider Tag vs The World'.

I like it.

Brilliant Noise

via Grinding

Suitcase Slaps

This is a couple months old or something but im cleaning out thee olde dump email, and it's cute.

hit the jump for variations including money, cocaine and dildos.

Some TRON leakage

The best kind of leakage.

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ready when you are, punx.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Postapocalyptic Fun, The Colony style

I just finished watching a badass show called The Colony on The Discovery Channel.

It's a post apocalyptic simulation based in L.A., like a mix of survivor, junkyard wars and social experiments/simulations Dr. Philip Zimbardo status, only without all the fucking retarded voting each other out and games and shit that usually accompany shows like that.

Its over a year old at this point, but i saw a commercial for season 2 the other day so i figured i'd start at the very beginning.

Basically theres 10 cats that all have a specialty; a computer engineer, a handyman, a biologist, a doctor, etc etc etc, and they have to hunt/scavenge/steal food, supplies, water and all that, and my favorite part, build all sorts of crazy shit with what theyve got and fortify this bigass warehouse area for over 2 months.

Oh, also, they deal with groups of raiders and traders and vagabonds that roll in and steal their food, break their shit and test their resolve.

its neat.

p.s. John C. AKA The Professor is the coolest guy ever.

If it wasnt for this guy, theyd all be dead.

check it out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new water storyboard scrawlings

heres my first attempt at a digestable storyboard thingie for 'NewWater', a short story written by me best mate Juan Ramos.

its kinda like a trial run at making a comic i guess, like a real comic. and i didnt want to use up all my awesome ideas on something thatll probably be rough as fuck, bwahaa. its my first time trying to tie in characters, backgrounds, panelwork, certain bits of composition, time control, magic, color, mood and weaving a narrative story through it all, turning it into a cohesive thing.

listened to a talk on comics by warren ellis too. listening to real thuggish comic book greats talking about the art gets pretty philosophical and is insanely pleasurable. especially the uk writers thatve been in the game a long time, those in particular thatve been consuming hallucinogens and building up the industry over the years collectively word by word and insane idea by idea, making up and vaporizing rules as they go(im looking at you ellis, morrison and moore)

nutrient rich soil, them.


for the last month or two, ive been collecting every feather i come across while im wandering around in the great outside. its mostly crows and ducks, and theres a few hawk ones and a cool bluejay one. prolly others too, im not sure.

im gonna make a headdress. or add some to those papier mache gauntlets or claws i have. something, i dunno.

feathers are neat, they make things fly.

pictures and a story

heres some doodles for you, the bottom left one comes with a story, free of charge.

i sat down and started drawing in my little moleskin at the bus stop and a ladybum asks:

"whatr you writing?"
"not writing, just drawing"
"well whatr you drawing?"
"i dunno, creatures and stuff i guess"
"well can you do me a favor and do it the fuck away from me?"

after i sit down somewhere else she comes up and starts yelling that i shouldnt be drawing that kind of stuff in public and that im gonna get whats coming to me and that shed "beat on my dome" if there werent so many people around.

"see you on the street, friend" she mutters as she walks by me on the bus.


madness has been following me around lately.

Monday, August 16, 2010

disappearing act

Imagine my surprise when i woke up to find that my blog and account had been deleted by, assumingly, a sociopathic shade of the female persuasion. After the initial freakout(yep, she got me for an hour or so of panic), it was still a pain in the ass to undelete, yet doable.

Im glad i was able to though, if it went away forever, why i just dont know if i could....



im funny.

ok, moving on.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

heres some drawings

for Knuckle Supper, a book written by Drew Stepek.

Its about junkie vampire gangs running drugs and performing violence all over L.A.



The Habit


so holy shit, i just got done beating Prototype in one sitting, took me a little less than 12 hours. It was pretty badass, its the whole akira "hey im an amoeba that awoke with the power of a human" kinda thing. theres not many games that give you the power to take on the entirety of the u.s. military with one guy, face to face, as well as allow you to traverse a city like a fucking speedfreakbeastchilde, its awesomely freeing.

I havent had a big fat drunken gaming session in fucking years man, i feel slightly accomplished.

Also greasy.

that is all, carry on.

Friday, August 13, 2010

only a vessel

just got back from scott pilgrim, a layer cake of comedy, badassery, eye candy, geek stuff and love.

movies often affect me to a quietly stunning degree, theres all these perspectives and philosophies being thrown around and contemplated and new adventures beginning all day every day that make you question everything about the life youre living. maybe thats the point. love and exes and fistfights and running and chasing and fucking things up and setting things right.

memories, it jarred memories.

i havent thought about love in a long time.

anyway, i recommend it.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Good afternoon Grinders.

Fuck man, it's been a busy however long it's been, i've been really smashed with this whole knucklesupper project and watching terrible, terrible daytime tv for some horrible reason. havent had time to properly sink my brainteeths into the olde bonesandrobots duality in, shit, like months.

how irresponsible of me.

catchin up on current and subcurrent human evolutions today.
prepare yourselves for infodump.

this is whats happening in the world while you sleep.

Let's start off with, really, the point of the time we're living in. To transcend what we are and to guide our own evolution into the future.

Turning into Gods.

Ok, so imagine this; everyone has their own infocloud, killing the need to log in to facebook and twitter and flickr and everything else individually just to keep in touch with people. You just access somebodys datacloud and browse it all at once in real time.

This is what these cats at DIASPORA are trying to do.

Little Dog, a miniature take on big dog.

First human 'infected' with a computer virus via an arphid.

"Utopian and radical architects in the 1960s predicted that cities in the future would not only be made of brick and mortar, but also defined by bits and flows of information. The urban dweller would become a nomad who inhabits a space in constant flux, mutating in real time. Their vision has taken on new meaning in an age when information networks rule over many of the city's functions, and define our experiences as much as the physical infrastructures, while mobile technologies transform our sense of time and of space."
from: laboralcentrodearte

Vat-Grown biofashion

via boingboing

A wee kitty named oscar gets bambistyle prosthetics following a combine harvester accident.

DARPA gearing up for thought-controlled prosthetics trials.

via wired

Dolphintail mods.
'swim twice as fast as an olympic swimmer.'

via warrenellis

Emotiv’s EPOC neuroheadset, controll shite wit yo brains.

via ted

Japanese scientists create touchable holograms.

DIY wearable computron.

via wired

The Yes Men Fix the World.
a movie about 2 men concocting elaborate corporate hoaxes to spread truth.

via grinding
click the link for the whole movie, for free.

Damn, things are moving.

Stay tuned, more writing will commence in spite of its absence.

mo munny

drawly drawly on cashy cashy.

some weirder stuff this time around <3

this ones mine




ratte salat




Thursday, August 5, 2010

Between Bears

a very beautiful animated short film by Eran Hilleli.

original music by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector


Netted from the aether.


Purdey 2000

Paper Monster





Jordan Metcalf



cap test

Big Up Graffiti sent me a video this morning demonstrating the use of pink dots, ny fats, german outline 4's and grey dots, its neat.

demonstration by Popo

know your tools vandals.


a new symmetrical paint session by Nickalive and friends.


part of a series of lo-fi experiments by TellNoOne.

Anthony Weiner fucks some shit up, 9/11 health bill status

I thought this was rad.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ease into monday

With some audio and visual.

Just finished adding 'M' to the channel today. Enjoi.

Madlib - Get it Right

Madvillain - Accordian

Marilyn Manson feat. Rasputina - Apple of Sodom

Massive Attack - Rising Son

Mirwais - Disco Science

(click the link on the top left for a fuckload more music videos)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knuckle Supper.

Evening Bloodsuckers, it's been a few days since i've been around, been reeeal fucking busy.

I was gonna wait to announce new project action until a few more things were done, but Drew broke the damn seal this weekend, so shits in motionnnnnn sonnnnn.

So then, welcome to KNUCKLE SUPPER, a new book written by Drew Stepek.

It's about junkie vampire gangs running drugs in L.A.
It's quite good, and dark as fuck to boot.

I'm doing an assload of character designs for it, hopefully bringing to life the multitude of crazy characters that live inside.

I'll keep you posted as things develop, and probably post a few 'behind the scenes' (wow, fancypants.) sketches and whatnot as we go. The pic above is a design for limited edition shirts being printed up soonlike.

Heres a link to the front page.

and like it on facebook while you're at it.