Thursday, August 26, 2010

Postapocalyptic Fun, The Colony style

I just finished watching a badass show called The Colony on The Discovery Channel.

It's a post apocalyptic simulation based in L.A., like a mix of survivor, junkyard wars and social experiments/simulations Dr. Philip Zimbardo status, only without all the fucking retarded voting each other out and games and shit that usually accompany shows like that.

Its over a year old at this point, but i saw a commercial for season 2 the other day so i figured i'd start at the very beginning.

Basically theres 10 cats that all have a specialty; a computer engineer, a handyman, a biologist, a doctor, etc etc etc, and they have to hunt/scavenge/steal food, supplies, water and all that, and my favorite part, build all sorts of crazy shit with what theyve got and fortify this bigass warehouse area for over 2 months.

Oh, also, they deal with groups of raiders and traders and vagabonds that roll in and steal their food, break their shit and test their resolve.

its neat.

p.s. John C. AKA The Professor is the coolest guy ever.

If it wasnt for this guy, theyd all be dead.

check it out.

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