Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pictures and a story

heres some doodles for you, the bottom left one comes with a story, free of charge.

i sat down and started drawing in my little moleskin at the bus stop and a ladybum asks:

"whatr you writing?"
"not writing, just drawing"
"well whatr you drawing?"
"i dunno, creatures and stuff i guess"
"well can you do me a favor and do it the fuck away from me?"

after i sit down somewhere else she comes up and starts yelling that i shouldnt be drawing that kind of stuff in public and that im gonna get whats coming to me and that shed "beat on my dome" if there werent so many people around.

"see you on the street, friend" she mutters as she walks by me on the bus.


madness has been following me around lately.

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