Monday, August 9, 2010

Good afternoon Grinders.

Fuck man, it's been a busy however long it's been, i've been really smashed with this whole knucklesupper project and watching terrible, terrible daytime tv for some horrible reason. havent had time to properly sink my brainteeths into the olde bonesandrobots duality in, shit, like months.

how irresponsible of me.

catchin up on current and subcurrent human evolutions today.
prepare yourselves for infodump.

this is whats happening in the world while you sleep.

Let's start off with, really, the point of the time we're living in. To transcend what we are and to guide our own evolution into the future.

Turning into Gods.

Ok, so imagine this; everyone has their own infocloud, killing the need to log in to facebook and twitter and flickr and everything else individually just to keep in touch with people. You just access somebodys datacloud and browse it all at once in real time.

This is what these cats at DIASPORA are trying to do.

Little Dog, a miniature take on big dog.

First human 'infected' with a computer virus via an arphid.

"Utopian and radical architects in the 1960s predicted that cities in the future would not only be made of brick and mortar, but also defined by bits and flows of information. The urban dweller would become a nomad who inhabits a space in constant flux, mutating in real time. Their vision has taken on new meaning in an age when information networks rule over many of the city's functions, and define our experiences as much as the physical infrastructures, while mobile technologies transform our sense of time and of space."
from: laboralcentrodearte

Vat-Grown biofashion

via boingboing

A wee kitty named oscar gets bambistyle prosthetics following a combine harvester accident.

DARPA gearing up for thought-controlled prosthetics trials.

via wired

Dolphintail mods.
'swim twice as fast as an olympic swimmer.'

via warrenellis

Emotiv’s EPOC neuroheadset, controll shite wit yo brains.

via ted

Japanese scientists create touchable holograms.

DIY wearable computron.

via wired

The Yes Men Fix the World.
a movie about 2 men concocting elaborate corporate hoaxes to spread truth.

via grinding
click the link for the whole movie, for free.

Damn, things are moving.

Stay tuned, more writing will commence in spite of its absence.

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