Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new water storyboard scrawlings

heres my first attempt at a digestable storyboard thingie for 'NewWater', a short story written by me best mate Juan Ramos.

its kinda like a trial run at making a comic i guess, like a real comic. and i didnt want to use up all my awesome ideas on something thatll probably be rough as fuck, bwahaa. its my first time trying to tie in characters, backgrounds, panelwork, certain bits of composition, time control, magic, color, mood and weaving a narrative story through it all, turning it into a cohesive thing.

listened to a talk on comics by warren ellis too. listening to real thuggish comic book greats talking about the art gets pretty philosophical and is insanely pleasurable. especially the uk writers thatve been in the game a long time, those in particular thatve been consuming hallucinogens and building up the industry over the years collectively word by word and insane idea by idea, making up and vaporizing rules as they go(im looking at you ellis, morrison and moore)

nutrient rich soil, them.

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