Thursday, April 29, 2010

bizzee beez

oi its been a busy week.

just finished a stencil last night made specially to birth a slap army.

thats right, i doublecut each one.

The Zithers been riding us pretty hard(no, not the great way) to finish up Paper Futures, and it looks like we'll be set to send away for a proof sometime next week, just gotta do a few more sections and itll be kosher.

its looking fucking clean.

also did you know that photoshop wont load a scan of a dollar bill? makes sense i guess, but cmon.

stay tuned, starting the army this weekend, maybe therell be presents.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So heres some new sprayed bits for sale, i just moved into a studiospace and need a few extra supplies here and there to get the olde girls gears greased up to full production.

but dont fret, theyre nice and ubercheap for your buying pleasure.

limited edition of 20, 10 on green and 10 on brown. $25 bux (usd) shipped anywhere in the u.s., $30 for international.

$20 bux if i can hand it to you :D

its about 13" x 19", with a 2" or so border all around.

also, carolyn, yours is free.

Rockrete releases a whole album for free.

So my good friend Rockrete just set up a account and unloaded a fair bit of unreleased music onto it for your listening pleasure.

Its a bit of bit tunes, a bit of orchestrated composition, a bit of youthful wonder and aged wisdom, and a bit of neurosis; in dark caves.

I really enjoy it, and i think you will too.

He's currently working on some new pieces with a brand new setup and so far theyre fucking awesome.

Check him out here.

and hit me up if you'd like the complete album to listen to, for i am a keymaster.

Monday, April 19, 2010

newfangled internetstuff

trying a twitterfeed auto post thing, have little idea what im actually doing.

feel old.

:cane poke:

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy weekend

Sprayed my first new stencil in like a year. the girls name is carolyn and shes very pretty.

also summer is here it seems.

i like it.

very limited run of like 15 or so will be available on monday, ubercheap. The rest are streetbooooound.

i need respirator filters and some other supplies, its been a while :D<3

Saturday, April 10, 2010

BonesandRobots is growing.

Just letting you cats know that we've started up a couple new B+R pages, i'm picking up a massive load of supplies today and the wheels will start turning a little quicker starting this week.

Heres some new sections to keep your eye on in the near future.
(click the giant words for teleport.)


New preview thingies. (buy them all twice.)

Paper Futures

Where da mag lives.

The Story

Enter the players.

so thats it for now, hope you're having a splendid day today.

its nice out :D<3