Tuesday, November 24, 2009


transmetropolitan volume 4: the new scum

Ventura's WAV project.

Now for a little local news:

(renderings, i hope you knew that)

The city of ventura is nearing completion of its new WAV(WorkingArtistsVentura) building. It is to have 69 live/work spaces; 54 specifically built, priced and tailored to artists of all kinds; the other 15 priced to help the recently homeless get back on their feet. To offset the low costs of the artist spaces, there will sit 13 large, full-market priced condos atop the 4 story structure. The building also has a built-in main gallery for tenants to host shows and parties and shite whenever they want/need. On top of all that badassery, theres 6000 square feet of commercial space on the bottom floor that the city hopes will fill up with art stores, galleries, shops, cafes, jazz clubs, all that shit that comes with the culture.

And thats exactly what it is, a cultural planter; a grow your own arts district.

i say yes.

Good morning neurons.

lets make it a good one, shall we?
Ive always liked that when a paper gets a lot of marks on it it becomes something else, like a treasure map or a skeleton or an adventure.

Monday ReFacings

Oh hai, have some drawings on money.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flairs - Truckers Delight

Had to post this bit of brilliance.


Ok, so usually it goes like this: Theres a guy with a mechanical heart, the beat of the creature, then theres a girl with golden vocal cords, bringing a haunting softness to the creature and giving it words, its a formula i quite like, you always get the impression at first that shes there to keep the beast at bay, but the deeper you go the more often you realize that the beast is her. Lamb, The Knife, Olive, Bloem de Ligny, Esthero, early Bjork; they were all wide eyed, brilliant young songwriters with golden cords paired up with brilliant madmen with piles of electronic equipment.

Anyway, the rambling leads to this. Soap&Skin is another one of those creatures, but its not a 2 man operation, its a 19 year old girl, and she can fucking play.

You should listen to her new album, Lovetune for Vacuum. Its a mesh of strings and chunky beats.

Heres the first single, Thanatos:


i see the morning photons through the closed shades, i think it may be time to go to sleep.

good night meat sacks. good night soap&skin. good night moon.

good night.

Put the foil on the chest and prepare for mighty infodump

We live in an age that no longer shows signs of a technological/cultural telescopic nature, we are now in the age of the all powerful, constant flow of information; the right now, the quick and the dirty of self-imposed evolution, and the corrosion that running on broken legs brings with it.

Youre all neurons now, this is whats been happening in the last week or so in your world.

Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics: The new highways of cyberizing.

IBM builds a supercomputer thats smarter than a cat.

Apple files a patent on a technology making adbombs possible on any device, anytime.

According to maths, there is something outside the boundaries of the universe.

London announces a massive architech cloud structure for the 2012 Olympics.

Scientists grow rabbit wangs in a lab.

The Pirate Bay tracker, shut down for good.

Russian bums found to have killed and partially eaten a man; sell the remainder to a kebab joint.

Peruvian gang kills people to sell their fat as cosmetics.

Macheteman jacks tacos from some guy.

The birdmen are near: Parachuting; without one.

First ever U.S. reefer cafe opens in Portland.

Womens Viagra created.

Bacon flavored popcorn exists.

This is a microsoft store in the year 2009:

and remember, keep away from that angeldust kids

So whats going on this week in your world? Electric veins, supercomputers acting as animal brains, the foundation of adbombs and infoclouds, human body harvesting, a death of a tracker and bacon flavored everything.

The year 2010 will be here in a little over a month, where are you?

Friday, November 20, 2009

you cant punch time into submission

Afternoon boils and ghouls, this fucking week flew by, didnt it?

My web presence has been nil, its so great to disconnect sometimes, but never you mind, there is much to say and share, for i have still been binging on information all week.

Infodump and more coming soon.

Be well meat children.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday ReFacings

Good monday fellow meatbags.

The show must go on, mustn't it?

Here are todays refacings:

I feel i must address peoples concerns about becoming a world class criminal for drawing on their money.


This isnt about destroying money, quite the opposite actually. Well not even the opposite really, more like just another train of thought. The point is to make you aware, even for a second, that the paper you work for everyday to attain is yours and you can do what you like with it, which includes drawings and messages, which are then passed on to the populous until they make their way back to a bank and are destroyed.

Its just a fun game.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey guys!

Dear bonesandrobots,

Unfortunately! for personal reasons I am no longer going to be involved with the inkflow projects or the bonesandrobots blog. please direct all of your questions about the blog and the books to Human, he will be more than happy to help you as im sure you already know

if you need to get ahold of me you can contact me on my flickr
or email me at dysmyelopoiesis@gmail.com

thanks everyone, it's been a good run. Thanks for being so supporting of all the projects human and I threw at you
Be sure to continue reading and looking out for more human projects in the future!

bye guys its been fun!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ok, heres whats going down.

So some things have been situated, heres what the near future holds for bonesandrobots and friends:

1. TalesandFables: A tribe of fine artists have been harvested for this guy, the final list is myself, lament, haligh, mephesto, blom, eyeformation, inkjoy, bugel, clont, noshi, orcid, nano, loveless, pahnl, cayden, tesura and metrik. It is to be a coloring/activity book, hoping to have it over and done with in less than a month.

2. FTR SUNZ musicbook: Chris, the producer of FTR SNZ, a jetsetradio/drrish kind of musical crew has asked me to do a music book thingie like the fever ray one i did not too long ago. In the process of character design right now, i like them so far and the song's nutty, so it should be interesting.

3. MoneyRefacing: Still taking any and all pictures of money with many a drawling on it. Once theres a ridiculous amount, they will be compiled and released as both a free pdf and a print version.

4. Im thinking of attaching a store to bonesandrobots before christmastime hits(probably a bigcartel), and this is a formal request for all tribe members, friends, readers, artfucks and freakchildren to email me with info on any shwag theyd like to use the store as a hub for whoring. All money made will go towards the artists except like 5-10%, because i'll be needing to get a paid bigcartel account if its to be a large fiasco. Anyways we're looking to pack it with badass art, books, weird projects, slaps, shirts, trinkets, whatevers clever, and the more exclusive the better. If youve got something you want to whore out, let me know and i'll put you on the list. The idea is to turn the store into a hub that all our friends can put projects and pieces up for sale as theyre available, and also to concentrate lots of badass peoples work in one spot for others to check out.

So thats most of the things going on right now, theres more but too early to even mention them.

Well im off for a wander, maybe some chemicals..


Tattooed skin

this one is for you, human
For 20 years, artist eX de Medici has been using Geoff Ostling's body as a canvas for one of the most amazing neck-to-ankle tattoo masterpieces ever created. Ostling plans to have his body sent to a taxidermist after he dies, so that his skin may be shown in Australia's National Gallery.

Tattooed skin

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday ReFacings

Good morrow tribe.

I know, its monday, back to werk ;;

But dont fret, its your first step to money, which is your first step towards drawing all over it.

add yours to the pool here

Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a bit hectic lately what with the book releasing and personal responsibilities in life and these other things i've been trying to put together and get people involved in, but i'll be posting up some further details about the projects i've mentioned sometime soon, you can trust that i'm working to situate some things instead of lopping around with my ween in my hands.

Really when it comes down to it i'm just very unorganized in my cranium, lot of noise, lot of stuff floating everywhere, and i'm Morrisons' joker every morning when i wake up blank and attempt to adapt to all this shit on the fly but with no system or backup whatsoever.

Also my dell inspiron 1000 laptop, which is my only computer, is ancient and can barely hang with todays programming and internet protocols. WeWereHere was a miracle and definitely the last large book i'll be able to do on it without it melting, it's just not worth the loading times and constant instability for large picture file compilations.


Consolidation, streamlining and tribe participation (up to you) soon.

Until then,
do fantastic things this weekend; just dont die unless they are truly spectacular.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Boy

My friend robin just now showed me a short film shes made, here it is for all you guys too.

Good Boy.

SR joker card, deckheads

might add color

Golan Levin

i like this as well.


this is another one of those books i didnt know existed. it came out when i was 8, and ive seen the artists werk occasionally in transmet pinups and, unknown to me until today, big guy and rusty(which ive seen but never read, but now obviously have to). the detail that he jams into each and every panel is incredibly inspiring.

the internet is out of high quality ones, but heres a shit quality one just to give an example at the level of detail hes really working with, it makes my nethers moist.

click for bigger and blurrier

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Magic hour.

Try this out. (head warps at 2:10)

We Were Here, now available in der meatspace.

You heard me, the preorders went out a good 4 or 5 days ago, so its official.

We Were Here is now available to hold in your hands and caress ever so gently as you drift off to sleep, wondrous wonders dancing in your jellysack.

120 pages, full color, 10" x 8" on high grade gloss paper with hundreds of pieces by artists from all over the land featuring stencils, slaps, pastes, freehand graf, installations, interviews and more, so yay yay and hurray, go buy 7 today.

beep boop beep for a preview

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Munny Refacings

This weeks refaced bits

New refacings are posted every monday. To contribute to the pool, go here.

i recommend and endorse it.


Blur - Ambulance

Grizzly Bear - Plans


I had some really loud and visceral dreams this weekend. Its the drink what did it. The first one involved me beating a loud mouthed little kid, like a little 14 year old kid, to a pulp. It was disturbingly violent, i just remember going at him like the narrator went after angelface in fight club, and i cant remember why for the life of me. then dream me woke up and felt terrible, soon after that i really woke up and felt just as bad. ha.

The second involved walking into a log cabin to see my mother being attacked by a bear on the other side of a glass door/wall. he mutilates her, and looks me in the eyes. then an 8 foot tall owl crashes through the side of the cabin, screeches crazily and attacks the bear.

i think the morals are pretty obvious:

dont beat up little kids
owls are awesome.

carry on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

good halloweekend

i trust your weekend was an enjoyable blur.

i am battered.

lots of new things coming on the morrow.

sleep well, foglets.