Monday, November 2, 2009


I had some really loud and visceral dreams this weekend. Its the drink what did it. The first one involved me beating a loud mouthed little kid, like a little 14 year old kid, to a pulp. It was disturbingly violent, i just remember going at him like the narrator went after angelface in fight club, and i cant remember why for the life of me. then dream me woke up and felt terrible, soon after that i really woke up and felt just as bad. ha.

The second involved walking into a log cabin to see my mother being attacked by a bear on the other side of a glass door/wall. he mutilates her, and looks me in the eyes. then an 8 foot tall owl crashes through the side of the cabin, screeches crazily and attacks the bear.

i think the morals are pretty obvious:

dont beat up little kids
owls are awesome.

carry on.

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