Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a bit hectic lately what with the book releasing and personal responsibilities in life and these other things i've been trying to put together and get people involved in, but i'll be posting up some further details about the projects i've mentioned sometime soon, you can trust that i'm working to situate some things instead of lopping around with my ween in my hands.

Really when it comes down to it i'm just very unorganized in my cranium, lot of noise, lot of stuff floating everywhere, and i'm Morrisons' joker every morning when i wake up blank and attempt to adapt to all this shit on the fly but with no system or backup whatsoever.

Also my dell inspiron 1000 laptop, which is my only computer, is ancient and can barely hang with todays programming and internet protocols. WeWereHere was a miracle and definitely the last large book i'll be able to do on it without it melting, it's just not worth the loading times and constant instability for large picture file compilations.


Consolidation, streamlining and tribe participation (up to you) soon.

Until then,
do fantastic things this weekend; just dont die unless they are truly spectacular.

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