Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ok, so usually it goes like this: Theres a guy with a mechanical heart, the beat of the creature, then theres a girl with golden vocal cords, bringing a haunting softness to the creature and giving it words, its a formula i quite like, you always get the impression at first that shes there to keep the beast at bay, but the deeper you go the more often you realize that the beast is her. Lamb, The Knife, Olive, Bloem de Ligny, Esthero, early Bjork; they were all wide eyed, brilliant young songwriters with golden cords paired up with brilliant madmen with piles of electronic equipment.

Anyway, the rambling leads to this. Soap&Skin is another one of those creatures, but its not a 2 man operation, its a 19 year old girl, and she can fucking play.

You should listen to her new album, Lovetune for Vacuum. Its a mesh of strings and chunky beats.

Heres the first single, Thanatos:

i see the morning photons through the closed shades, i think it may be time to go to sleep.

good night meat sacks. good night soap&skin. good night moon.

good night.

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