Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ok, heres whats going down.

So some things have been situated, heres what the near future holds for bonesandrobots and friends:

1. TalesandFables: A tribe of fine artists have been harvested for this guy, the final list is myself, lament, haligh, mephesto, blom, eyeformation, inkjoy, bugel, clont, noshi, orcid, nano, loveless, pahnl, cayden, tesura and metrik. It is to be a coloring/activity book, hoping to have it over and done with in less than a month.

2. FTR SUNZ musicbook: Chris, the producer of FTR SNZ, a jetsetradio/drrish kind of musical crew has asked me to do a music book thingie like the fever ray one i did not too long ago. In the process of character design right now, i like them so far and the song's nutty, so it should be interesting.

3. MoneyRefacing: Still taking any and all pictures of money with many a drawling on it. Once theres a ridiculous amount, they will be compiled and released as both a free pdf and a print version.

4. Im thinking of attaching a store to bonesandrobots before christmastime hits(probably a bigcartel), and this is a formal request for all tribe members, friends, readers, artfucks and freakchildren to email me with info on any shwag theyd like to use the store as a hub for whoring. All money made will go towards the artists except like 5-10%, because i'll be needing to get a paid bigcartel account if its to be a large fiasco. Anyways we're looking to pack it with badass art, books, weird projects, slaps, shirts, trinkets, whatevers clever, and the more exclusive the better. If youve got something you want to whore out, let me know and i'll put you on the list. The idea is to turn the store into a hub that all our friends can put projects and pieces up for sale as theyre available, and also to concentrate lots of badass peoples work in one spot for others to check out.

So thats most of the things going on right now, theres more but too early to even mention them.

Well im off for a wander, maybe some chemicals..


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