Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the gears begin to crank.

New projects starting up very soon <3

chemical reserves running low.

Preorders have been ordered.

You heard me.


From the flickr aether today:

Kael Kasabian




Aaron Kraten

busted thumb

good afternoon, this is bonesandrobots.

my thumb is throbbing today.

i butchered it yesterday on a fire extinguisher; granted i was just playing with it, but from a simple design standpoint, youd figure making the handle razorsharp would be a bad thing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

good morning.

as far as i know, this is bonesandrobots.

interweb break today, new stuff coming tomorrows.

have a splendid day my fellow plague rats. <3

Monday, September 28, 2009


wading deep in work.

impossible to walk in this muck.

Good magic hour.

this is bonesandrobots.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ready the Troops.

Space monkeys ready for departure.

(click for biggerz)

These are for preorder homies. All originals, all for youse guys. Thanks for the support through this crazy project.


A step in brainreading.

It seems neurochaps have taken another step towards being able to record dreams, analyze internal dialogue and loads of other awesome stuff.

Look here for Wired Article.

Shit yeah, any step in understanding the brain is a step towards cyborgs.

And i am DOWN for that.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

good evening my sweets

pics of finished freebies coming tomorrow.

i like them.

Surrogates Movie: Stab my eyes and erase my brain.


So the comic wasnt very good. Fine. Maybe the studio will change it up and make it cooler, right? Basically just the dialogue and characters were the bad part, so theyll just fix that and itll be pretty bitchin.


The studio might as well have just bought the concept of surrogates from the writer because hurray, the characters and story are now completely different.

and somehow waaaaaay shittier.


First off, no steeplejack. Not at all. In the comic, steeplejack was a surrie manned by the original creator of surrogates. It had an extensive electricity based weapon system on board and had no serial markings or anything to track it, not to mention he looked like a badass and was one of the only draws to the book. Ok, neat. Well now its just some idiot with an electric gun that the military made. He gets paid to kill the creatorguy and accidentally kills his son, whose using his dads surrie. The prophet, who is the leader of the anti-surrogate movement, is now not even human, but a surrogate controlled by surrie creatorguy who is now killed by the us military instead of steeplejack. Bruce willis' partner is now a woman for some reason. Oh also, in the movie the detective and his wife live happily ever after. Well in the book the last panels are him coming home and she's dead. Truth hurts.

Whatever, the comic was a turd, what pisses me off is that a studio got ahold of a subpar work and somehow managed to make it a thousand times worse.

When this movie ended the audience literally booed.

I have an idea, why dont you asshats take a good, strong work and let the writers do their thing instead of trying to fit it in some bullshit demographic that doesnt even exist. People arent fucking retarded, they can handle it.


Ok, let me start this one with a brief history of my world of comics, to hopefully shed some insight as to why i love them so much but am catching up on works from fucking 15 years ago like theyre new.

So once upon a time, i was a lad and i got into comics. Early on it was xmen and silver surfer(i had almost 100 issues of surfer, which was quite a feat for a young kid with no money, let me tell you). My moms friends boyfriend Jon would take me to conventions and i knew a guy that would sell them off at 1.00 a pop. I saw power rangers before it came to america when i was there too. That one with the pig guy thing that wanted to eat the world or something, i dunno.

I think he had a helmet..

At any rate, after i grew a bit i required more grey areas than marvels black and white hero villain situation could provide, so i moved onto image, dark horse, top cow; anyone that would supply me with a little more realism and brutality, as well as new kinds of illustration that the big 2 wouldnt really back. I always thought DC was garbage, until i much later found vertigo, which is like one of the greatest comic companies there is; well its also a subsidiary of DC, so there that is.

Anyways, i collected and collected and read and loved until i had about 2 bookshelves full of comics and dr seuss books(oh yes).

Well the long and short of it is that the bookshelves were kept in the garage, and one fateful day the water heater exploded and killed every single one of them, as well as all my baby books and childhood pictures.

Its weird when the things you identify yourself with are suddenly removed, its like losing a part of yourself.

Which brings me to this:

Written in 89', its crazy as shit yet no wonder i hadnt seen it before, i was 7 years old when it was made. Well this is something ive always wanted. A book of madness; of villainy; of Arkham. Characters. Deep, dark, thought out, well developed characters. Oh man, i am salivating.

First off, its Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, both of whom are on my very very short list of gods in the field. Its both a history of Arkham the man and the asylum, as well as a story of the madmen within, led by the joker of course, taking over the place on april fools day and demanding batman come and join them. Keep in mind that this is during batmans brooding dark times when he was mentally very fragile and identified with villains more than heroes most of the time, so hes scared that if he goes to Arkham, he'll likely feel as if he'd finally come home.

This version also has notes by Morrison page by page, somewhat explaining the madness and other little nuances, its deep, and if you've ever seen McKeans work, you'll be well aware that putting him on a project about pure madness and villainy is the greatest idea anyones ever had, even better than sandwiches.

One thing that really stuck to me in the notes was Morrison explaining his take on the joker. He suggests that the joker isnt insane like the others are. He describes him as having some form of "super-sanity", which he admits stems from the belief he has that multiple personalities is the next form of human evolution. Joker does not have a distinct personality, he is reborn each time he wakes, and the only thing that makes him what he is is his ability to reflect and adapt on the fly to his environment, which is a perfect evolutionary shift to survive in this ever changing time frame we are now living in.

He simply goes with the flow and is whatever the situation demands him to be, all the time.

Theres something about that concept that resonates with me to the point of paradigm shift.

Read this or suck forever.

That is all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Morning Psychonauts.

It seems to be friday.

This is bonesandrobots.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


(The pretty white cover edition apparently)

Fell volume 1: Feral city

Detective Fell gets transferred to snow city, the worst fucking place in the land. Ellis with some great writing as usual with Templesmith backing the mood nicely.

Black Orchid

Every time i read a comic by these guys, it more like actual literature coupled with fine art instead, which would bother me if it wasnt so fucking good. HIGHLY recommended.

breathe lava

its like wading through lava outside today.

why the fuck am i smoking?

its either stress or idiocy.

my moneys on idiocy.

holy spitmantid batman

spit lung goo into sink this morning.

looked uncomfortably similar to a little green baby praying mantis.

i hope its ok.

good morning, this is bonesandrobots.

Phenomena And Occurrences

A short film by GhostBox.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shit Yes.

I will be going to a Fever Ray show on october 7th.

Im in loooooooove...

Quick Freebie Peekie

Heres a peek of the backs of a few of the preorder freebies, i'll post the fronties when their all mounted and done with.

What are they?

Something, thats what.

Stay tuned.

Final Street Book Aquired :D

Bonjour cats, We've gotten ahold of the final copy of We Were Here, street book supremo. 120 pages, full color, 10"x8"

We'll be extending the time to preorder until this weekend so if you want and havent yet secured, email me at and i'll sort you out. They will all be ordered on monday and we'll be slingshotting them to you guys with cheaper shipping and extra prizes soon after, after that theyll be available only on der blurb.

A travesty, i know.


awoken by filthy assistant at break of dawn.

ate bad food last night.

eyes burning, stomach churning, butt water sure to follow.

good morning, this is bonesandrobots.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

arise zombies

riiiiiiise from your graaaves you weakened mounds of flesh, the sky is calling all meatbeasts.

free brains for one and all, today only, in a human skull near you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

light static tonight.

peeks of preorder freebies coming soon.

happy monday morning koopa troopas

let us use company time to our own ends, shall we?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Musical gifts.

Heres 2 musics for you to listen to, neither are videos, so dont cry.

Aesop Rock - 9-5ers anthem

Fever Ray - I'm not done

Both fantastic writers, both brokenbeautiful heads. Aesop rock describes how the world is and how it should be so easily and clearly it makes me furious that life is how it is, and Karin Andersson's manic obsessive writing coupled with her magical tones makes the song extremely beautiful and creepy as fuck at the same time, its wonderful.


Indigo Adventures

My good friend Indigo is currently kicking off her very own earth roaming session cutting, painting, loving, wrecking shit, fighting ninjas and shooting rainbow lasers from her eyes along the way.

Straight class fashion, shes also documenting her travels and adventures via her intarweb blog.

Check it here:


Go on, it'll be fun <3

good morning cretins

monsters in my liver.

theres so much to do.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just read The Surrogates

The consensus?

Great fucking world building. Unfortunately, the writing, not so much. The story and dialogue was amateurish, overly formulaic, bland and i didnt care about any of the characters at all. Not even steeplejack, and im a villain fiend. Now its possible that that was yet another painfully detailed way of bringing the world to life, nobody feels anything in this book, because theres no real human interaction anymore. Maybe he tried to bring that feelinglessness over to the readers by removing actual interest from the story and characters. Maybe he was too busy building the actual world that he neglected to actually write in characters living there.

Whatever the reason, i was not impressed. It happens.

What a fucking sweet cover though man.

Good evening.

This is bonesandrobots.

The end is nigh, build a god and send me his blood.

Rub your eyeballs on this

Just got my ghostpatrol sketchbook in the mail, 40 or so pages of neat neat fun.

Heres a few scans from it (click for biggar)

I love this guys stuff.

Friday, September 18, 2009

first dream in forever

awoke to find myself face down in an unexpected drool puddle again, its concerning how frequent its becoming.

in the dream was a beautiful girl that i try to reach; between us, a massive pack of snarling dogs. ill never reach her without killing all of these dogs.

its dark now.

good morning worker bees

this is bonesandrobots.

bigger better faster stronger.

expect posts when i aquire a viable connection.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pill dosage doubled, hold steady.

no fly for you.

it just occured to me how truly barbaric clipping a birds wings is.

a species of flight, plucked from the sky, cut down essentially out of jealousy and caged for human enjoyment.


good morning mouthbreathers

this is bonesandrobots. im sorry.

this morning i was forced to listen to some fat idiots car alarm for like a half hour.

note to self: aquire grenades.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Then, to my surprise..

oh how i've longed to shoot lightning through you.

a sim card reader kit by the great adafruit industries


sun is shining

good morning daywalkers, this is bonesandrobots.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Picked up these gems tonight for read-and-look-at-funtime.

3 stolen pets are experimented on by the military to become crazy weapons. Then decide to go 'home', some vague concept of goodness. Military and carnage follow. Also they talk. Its pretty badass. Grant Morrison speaks volumes with few short words, and Frank Quietly's panelwork and foreground/background stuff is very interesting to me.

Title pretty much explains it.

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, so you know what its like. Magical.

met a new friend

sleeping dogs

today a little dog had a seizure as i washed it.

his stance stiffened and began to tip face first into the ground. he rolled onto his back, eyes glazed plastic and legs wiggling around like noodles, purposeless.

he was ok, but shit.

i didnt like it.

healing hands

recently ive come into contact with evil toaster ovens, asshole beagles and cat playtree things burning, biting and crushing the shit out of my hands.

they are starting to look better today.

time for a pastry celebration methinks.

frankenjesus its too early

good morning internet vampires, this is bonesandrobots.

time to get to work.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Unexpectedly Conscious

I devoured an entire pizza today for lunch.

On returning home, i promptly collapse to the ground and fall unconscious.

I awake after a dreamless sleep to Maryjane, my cat and greatest love, on my back clawing the backpack i am still wearing as i lie face down in a pool of my own mouth liquids. The inside of my chest is frozen, probably because i have yet to firebomb my lungs with cigarette or reefer smoke today.

Its on my to do list.

Also i went to an amazing halloween shop this weekend called Confetti. Not to worry, mask reserves are once again adequate.

Here are some bigger fotos

Also i have a new friend:

He's a grump, but a confusingly fabulous dancer.

Take care scalliwags, need to have a shite.


"it has been one of the most destructive modern prejudices that art and science are different and somehow incompatible interests."

Good morning scumulas:

This is bonesandrobots.

Pax going out today, heres one to Mr. Ektion

I'm off to werk.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

After a night of heavy drinking..

..This is bonesandrobots.

So the books are in the process of being shipped to me, so lets put them on the backburner until more news arrives.

Finished up a new window adventure at werk:

Pax going out to Loki and Cussa:

SR is putting together a deck of art cards, of which i was lucky enough(able to swindle and bribe enough) to get the joker.

Heres a sketch:

Still conceptual, but i like it.

Also plan on making big pastes of the pile of crowns in the near future, as im going out pasting with Haligh soon! Its been a longass time since ive been outside to art, it should be fun fun.

Thats all i got for today doods, take care and fuck this weekend up yo.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


good evening, this is bonesandrobots.

the wifi i generally snatch from my neighbors has been down for a few days so im attempting to post using my shoddy fone in the meantime.

bear with me.

new things coming soon, and even more frequently.