Saturday, September 26, 2009

Surrogates Movie: Stab my eyes and erase my brain.


So the comic wasnt very good. Fine. Maybe the studio will change it up and make it cooler, right? Basically just the dialogue and characters were the bad part, so theyll just fix that and itll be pretty bitchin.


The studio might as well have just bought the concept of surrogates from the writer because hurray, the characters and story are now completely different.

and somehow waaaaaay shittier.


First off, no steeplejack. Not at all. In the comic, steeplejack was a surrie manned by the original creator of surrogates. It had an extensive electricity based weapon system on board and had no serial markings or anything to track it, not to mention he looked like a badass and was one of the only draws to the book. Ok, neat. Well now its just some idiot with an electric gun that the military made. He gets paid to kill the creatorguy and accidentally kills his son, whose using his dads surrie. The prophet, who is the leader of the anti-surrogate movement, is now not even human, but a surrogate controlled by surrie creatorguy who is now killed by the us military instead of steeplejack. Bruce willis' partner is now a woman for some reason. Oh also, in the movie the detective and his wife live happily ever after. Well in the book the last panels are him coming home and she's dead. Truth hurts.

Whatever, the comic was a turd, what pisses me off is that a studio got ahold of a subpar work and somehow managed to make it a thousand times worse.

When this movie ended the audience literally booed.

I have an idea, why dont you asshats take a good, strong work and let the writers do their thing instead of trying to fit it in some bullshit demographic that doesnt even exist. People arent fucking retarded, they can handle it.


  1. Man I don't know what book you were reading, but the Surrogates graphic novel rocked. Venditti creates a totally fleshed out (pardon the pun) fascinating world that's our, with one twist: the addition of the surrogates, and then spins out on what the effect of that change would be on a society - it's classic sci fi done well. Plus, Wendele's artwork was terrific!

    The movie, not so much. But the comic? Great stuff!

    (and totally uncool for you to spoil the comic w/o warning for those who might want to try it - a little warning would be appropriate!).

    L nny

  2. I'm afraid i dont share your love for the pile of overrated garbage that is this book.

    Fair enough on the spoiler, but if i saved 1 person from wasting 20 bones on this then my job is done. And yes, i agree that venditti created a relatively fleshy world here, but thats the only thought that went into the entire book; theres absolutely no urgency, even during the "climax", the dialogue might as well have been written by a first year student, an overformulaic paper thin plot for what could have been a pretty epic idea, and when he came home at the end to find his dead wife, i didnt care. at all.

    Honestly, its just not a well written book, theres are ways to build a bustling, viable world without given us faux newspapers and shit between chapters.

    Look at a book like transmetro and the way ellis builds his world, without boring pure textbased bollucks. he thrusts his characters into the world and builds it up that way on the fly, to much MUCH greater effect in my opinion.