Monday, September 14, 2009

Unexpectedly Conscious

I devoured an entire pizza today for lunch.

On returning home, i promptly collapse to the ground and fall unconscious.

I awake after a dreamless sleep to Maryjane, my cat and greatest love, on my back clawing the backpack i am still wearing as i lie face down in a pool of my own mouth liquids. The inside of my chest is frozen, probably because i have yet to firebomb my lungs with cigarette or reefer smoke today.

Its on my to do list.

Also i went to an amazing halloween shop this weekend called Confetti. Not to worry, mask reserves are once again adequate.

Here are some bigger fotos

Also i have a new friend:

He's a grump, but a confusingly fabulous dancer.

Take care scalliwags, need to have a shite.

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