Thursday, September 30, 2010

track diggin: dj krush

going through a hard drive full of olde music.


ah, krush.

krush was a gateway to a shitload of artists i still jam on, and is known as one of the forerunners of japanese (tr)(h)iphop.

my friend Manny was the first one to let me listen to the beast with his mixset album "code4109", named for the amount of seconds on the nonstop mix.

kemuri, off of "code4109"

then i had to mash "kakusei", a more experimental intrumental album, then "meiso" and "milight" and an onslaught of others. First song i ever heard was "final home", featuring Esthero.

final home, off "code4109" AND returning on "kakusei"

i made a mix of purely tracks hes done with female vocalists way back when and played that shit on loop, theres a lot and theyre all beautiful.

this is a cover of john lennon's "mind games", feat. eri ohno

skin against skin, feat. deborah anderson, off the album "milight"

message the the depth dealt with the war and burning hot political firebombs

milight and meiso dealt more with street bits.

real, feat. tragedy, off the album "milight"

duality(with djshadow), off the album "meiso"(i heart 1:36 so much)

only the strong survive, feat. c.l.smooth, "meiso"

and "ki-oku" was a dive into jazz with toshinori kondo, a famous japanese trumpet player.

"zen" marks a certain maturity for the artist and is a transformational shift into soundscapes, rather than purely beats, which would evolve into albums like bits of "message at the depth" and all of "jaku". if youve never heard a krush album, i urge you to begin your journey with "zen". my friend brent got a copy of it signed for me at coachella many years back and its one of my prized possesions to this day, its within arms reach right this second in fact.

song 1, off of "zen"

still island, off of "jaku"

so thats a quick post about someone that, if i believed in heroes, might just be a big one.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sztuka Fabryka: Paper Fiends

Sztuka Fabryka.

A crew of paper kids from Belgium, now located in Spain, doing all sorts of amazing things with the paper-y stuff.

Clothing, street shrines, sculpture, 2d action, all sorts of nutty stuff. They even started an encyclopedia for paper artists so quickly forgotten these days.

Disagree? Name one.

You'll be hearing more about them soon, until then,
Check out their site.

La Pluma Electri*k's QR night adventure

More pics and a short explanation here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

InspirationArtFestival Encore

Going up @ the olde Train Station (HaTachana) in South Tel Aviv
Sep. 24th to Oct. 24th.

Get there.


New London Miles Gallery/Upper Playground show

Featuring Morning Breath, Ekundayo and Fernando Chamarelli

Opens Oct. 8th, running through Nov. 5th

From the press release:

"Considered one of America's finest creative studio's for innovative and influential design, Morning Breath, aka design duo Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto, have established themselves as torchbearers for the US counterculture with their work for the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kanye West, TV on the Radio, Them Crooked Vultures and AFI to name but a few. Also enlisted by apparel giants Stussy, Vans, MTV and bleeding-edge label/art house Upper Playground, Morning Breath's work is fast becoming a totem of subcultural credibility within the hyper-commercialized industries of music and fashion.

Joining them, and fresh from his solo exhibition at Los Angeles Thinkspace Gallery this summer, Hawaii-born artist Ekundayo will be exhibiting his fiercely affecting artworks in the UK for the first time. Ploughing a distinctive furrow within the realms of the contemporary grotesque genre, Ekundayo's work combines both a subversive graffiti aesthetic with art-historical erudition to produce textured, transitory portraits full of movement and character using a combination of acrylics, gouache, watercolour, and ink - on occasion, literally carving his paintings from the viscous combination of these materials.

Our trio of new contemporary exponents is completed by the immensely talented Brazilian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, Fernando Chamarelli; also showing for the first time here on UK soil. Explosively colourful and instantly recognisable for the seamless combination of organic forms with a modern, graphic sensibility, Chamarelli's intricate and finely detailed paintings, while instantly striking, reward even closer attention to detail, not least to the abundant iconography hidden within many of his pieces. The strong influence of Colombian indigenous art, ancient philosophy, and a general reverence for the natural world are all counterbalanced by the use of the many mazy, geometric patterns, harmoniously resolving the traditionalist/modernist binary. It is this combination of the ethereal with the empirical that affords such depth and intrigue to Chamarelli's timeless works. "

Click for details.

Monday Moneyscrawling Day: The Cartoon Edition

A few newish bits via der flickrgroupz, cartoon style.

Joe D!




eye some and add some herelike

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Good Monday scumfilm, i trust your weekends were a blur.

Let's start the week with loads of visual stimuli, yes?

Yes; for my friend whisked me away to the library the other day. Havent been to a proper library in a very long while. Theres something that lives in a library that you lose when mining info in the great electric webosphere. Its like an ancient cave of wonders that smells ripe with paper gold.

I even got a card.

Heres a gallery of some of the books, it seemed selfish to keep them all for myself. Its not as good as the real thing however, might i suggest a trip to the library?


this is my favorite shot. its quite beautiful.

Moar heer.

an awesome steambot, view gigantor for notes and background and things

Moar again.
(not morrigan.)

Friday, September 24, 2010

its friday i hear

enjoy your weekend sinners, see you on monday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waking Life

I've been watching a fair bit of sociopolitical garbage going on right now and its a bit more unsettling than usual.

Some things are universal and need to be addressed in the nowtimes.

Heres 3 excerpts that apply to now. Right now, and the very near future. Derive what you will.

Bioshock Infinite

I never really got into Bioshock, but I've always appreciated both its America-based historical foundation and its' timelines aesthetics, but the gold that is Bioshock is and has always been its ability to fuse storytelling and gameplay into a mutually symbiotic, completely greased functional anomaly not generally seen in games this far on their respective timelines.

Look at this gameplay demo of Bioshock: Infinite and tell me it doesn't look completely amazing.

You can't do it.

Fucking bizarre man.

let yourself feel.

via thenextweb

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Alive: A brilliant overanalyzation of GlaDOS

via game-ism

And Vinyly...


Excellent, why not torch your corpse and press the ashes into a vinyl record containing 24 minutes of whatever you'd like?

I had an idea a long time ago to use my dead body at my funeral to perform a marionette show, and while this may not be better, i think less people will vomit.

Via WiredUK

It's very late.

Or very early, depending on how you register time.

Been too busy not posting to post, mostly because i've been mashing Halo: Reach for the past week or so, doing very little in the way of creation, only destruuuccctioonnnnnnnnn.

It's really very good.
Blood Gultch FTW.

Theres bound to be some posting going on once i feel like swimming through my dump email.

-human out-

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night

i couldnt decide whether to post the video or a live performance, so heres both.

happy friday everyone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drew Stepek's "Knuckle Supper" available for preorder

KnuckleSupper is now available for preorder for its November 16th release up on Amazon.

Drug-addled splatterpunk vampire fuckups thrashing L.A.
Hardcover, 354 pages, $31


The first 25 or so(i think?) preorders get one of these:

you know i gots mine son.

Welcome to bonesandrobots

My name is triston, though some people call me human, mostly because i am one of those things sometimes, and other times it helps me find my way back.

I make things.

This sites been warping a little over the months, and i'm not sure what exactly the focus is anymore. i know i store neat things here, and post some of my work, and let you know whats going on in the proximity of my own perspectives armslength, like art and music and games and technology and other neat things.

Sometimes people send me stuff at my b+r dump address(, and sometimes i post those things if theyre interesting. sometimes i dive deep, specifically clawing for a feast of information, to prove to myself the human race will be ok.

Right now i'm working on getting funding for a magazine called Paper Futures, so i can work on it and release it at cost without being worried about going broke from all the time spent on it that could be otherwise spent doing whorish freelance bollucks for the purpose of feeding me.

Aside from that, i'm working on characters for a book by Drew Stepek called Knuckle Supper, writing a comic called Tribe with my friends Brent Charlton and Justin Waller, trying to find time to draw out a 13 page minicomic written by Juan Ramos called NewWater that i've finished storyboarding, doing lots of custom stencil/illustrated pieces, designing some new street pieces that are far too big to currently make and getting together some shirt/sticker designs for the near future.

When i'm not tethered to a table working on things, i like to play games and read comics, mostly i think because i like experiencing perspectives other than my own. I also like to dream, though dont do it enough. Sometimes i smoke myself silly and dream while im awake, but thats another story altogether, isnt it?

Anyway, welcome to bonesandrobots, take a look around, as im sure some things here will quench your headthirst.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

REACHing Beyond

-Back when the universe is safe-

YONIL makes it to the top 8, booyah.

Couple of days ago i posted about some homies that made the top 20 of a tshirt design contest run by

Well, one of those cool cats, named YONIL has made it to the top 8. Moreover, two of his designs are in the running.


|||click here to do that thing what i said|||

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

war never changes

Brink and Portal 2

Got pushed back to january i understand, can't wait man. They say its a mix of Borderlands and Mirrors edge.

GLaDOS' returns to science.

Friday, September 10, 2010

DesignByHumans tshirt contest

I've got a couple emails this week by Inkflow alumni about a tshirt design contest going on right now on

It's down to 24 semifinalists and the winner will recieve $10K.

Yeah, $10K.

Only a couple days left of voting, so give these guys a couple seconds of your time RIGHT NOW and vote for your favorite design.

Heres designs from homies YONIL


and heres a couple other highmentionables:



Ive got my favorites and you've got yours.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspiration Art Festival

The Middle East can be a pretty hectic place, with the thousands of years of messy religion and politics behind it, coupled with the constant American pockshots over the years.

People want a break. Enter Inspiration Art Festival, W. Jerusalems answer to Upfest on September 4th and 5th of this year. This grassroots movement needs a Proper Flickr PRO account to post the hundreds of pictures accumulated during the festival, and you can help.

From their site:
"We're a small group of full time public artists (for the last seven years, here in the Middle East) working with a wide variety of mediums, organizing global public art exhibitions & much more...Since the formation of the ubiquitous INSPIRE Collective (in W.Jerusalem / 2003), we have helped over 700 independent artists from around the world to exhibit their works here in the middle east...presently, we encourage local & global public art in a variety of ways, including: Lectures, public DIY art workshops...we support guerrilla theater, social improv, art exhibitions, public campaigns with initiatives that focus on the creative, collaborative efforts of the growing middle eastern public art world & other creative humanitarian activist communities worldwide. Imagine an inspired art/activist collective in the middle east working for a positive society by underemphasis of politics, economy, and dogma & thru the overemphasis of art, creativity, and the dynamic human spirit. We are people who know that cooperation is magic..."

If you you dig the work, and want to help out a worthy movement thats time has come, support the love that is the Inspiration Art Festival.

Check their site HERE to donate and bid on pieces


check their flickr HERE for more fotos and to, hey, buy them a damn account so they can post more.