Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspiration Art Festival

The Middle East can be a pretty hectic place, with the thousands of years of messy religion and politics behind it, coupled with the constant American pockshots over the years.

People want a break. Enter Inspiration Art Festival, W. Jerusalems answer to Upfest on September 4th and 5th of this year. This grassroots movement needs a Proper Flickr PRO account to post the hundreds of pictures accumulated during the festival, and you can help.

From their site:
"We're a small group of full time public artists (for the last seven years, here in the Middle East) working with a wide variety of mediums, organizing global public art exhibitions & much more...Since the formation of the ubiquitous INSPIRE Collective (in W.Jerusalem / 2003), we have helped over 700 independent artists from around the world to exhibit their works here in the middle east...presently, we encourage local & global public art in a variety of ways, including: Lectures, public DIY art workshops...we support guerrilla theater, social improv, art exhibitions, public campaigns with initiatives that focus on the creative, collaborative efforts of the growing middle eastern public art world & other creative humanitarian activist communities worldwide. Imagine an inspired art/activist collective in the middle east working for a positive society by underemphasis of politics, economy, and dogma & thru the overemphasis of art, creativity, and the dynamic human spirit. We are people who know that cooperation is magic..."

If you you dig the work, and want to help out a worthy movement thats time has come, support the love that is the Inspiration Art Festival.

Check their site HERE to donate and bid on pieces


check their flickr HERE for more fotos and to, hey, buy them a damn account so they can post more.

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