Sunday, September 26, 2010


Good Monday scumfilm, i trust your weekends were a blur.

Let's start the week with loads of visual stimuli, yes?

Yes; for my friend whisked me away to the library the other day. Havent been to a proper library in a very long while. Theres something that lives in a library that you lose when mining info in the great electric webosphere. Its like an ancient cave of wonders that smells ripe with paper gold.

I even got a card.

Heres a gallery of some of the books, it seemed selfish to keep them all for myself. Its not as good as the real thing however, might i suggest a trip to the library?


this is my favorite shot. its quite beautiful.

Moar heer.

an awesome steambot, view gigantor for notes and background and things

Moar again.
(not morrigan.)

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