Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to bonesandrobots

My name is triston, though some people call me human, mostly because i am one of those things sometimes, and other times it helps me find my way back.

I make things.

This sites been warping a little over the months, and i'm not sure what exactly the focus is anymore. i know i store neat things here, and post some of my work, and let you know whats going on in the proximity of my own perspectives armslength, like art and music and games and technology and other neat things.

Sometimes people send me stuff at my b+r dump address(, and sometimes i post those things if theyre interesting. sometimes i dive deep, specifically clawing for a feast of information, to prove to myself the human race will be ok.

Right now i'm working on getting funding for a magazine called Paper Futures, so i can work on it and release it at cost without being worried about going broke from all the time spent on it that could be otherwise spent doing whorish freelance bollucks for the purpose of feeding me.

Aside from that, i'm working on characters for a book by Drew Stepek called Knuckle Supper, writing a comic called Tribe with my friends Brent Charlton and Justin Waller, trying to find time to draw out a 13 page minicomic written by Juan Ramos called NewWater that i've finished storyboarding, doing lots of custom stencil/illustrated pieces, designing some new street pieces that are far too big to currently make and getting together some shirt/sticker designs for the near future.

When i'm not tethered to a table working on things, i like to play games and read comics, mostly i think because i like experiencing perspectives other than my own. I also like to dream, though dont do it enough. Sometimes i smoke myself silly and dream while im awake, but thats another story altogether, isnt it?

Anyway, welcome to bonesandrobots, take a look around, as im sure some things here will quench your headthirst.

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