Sunday, September 5, 2010

Otakrew night out

Went out with the chaps on saturday, it's been fucking forever since i've seen Ash OR been to FFA, so yay and yay, i say i say.

(i'll not make a habit of taking pictures and blogging about crap i eat and stuff, but i havent been out with some of the otakrew kids in months, let alone hit all our olde spots, so i'll make an exception tonight.)

Hit up FFA first(THE arcade, one of the only still mashing hard these days)

Whooped some asses at CVS2.(beat 7 humans and the game with 1 quarter.)

("who do you use?")

well, since you asked.

Also got my ass worked hard at SF4, i'm so bad at it its sad ;;

Then foodz at Kyushu Ramen.(goh-zaaaiiiiiii!)

miso pork, nom nom nom

then volcano tea(always fucking PACKED)

for bobaaaaaaaa

strawberry milk tea all up in my face <3

i was sore as shit for some reason when i got home. prolly all the epic battles i survived.

it felt like the good olde days.
konichii-wah bitches.

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