Thursday, September 30, 2010

track diggin: dj krush

going through a hard drive full of olde music.


ah, krush.

krush was a gateway to a shitload of artists i still jam on, and is known as one of the forerunners of japanese (tr)(h)iphop.

my friend Manny was the first one to let me listen to the beast with his mixset album "code4109", named for the amount of seconds on the nonstop mix.

kemuri, off of "code4109"

then i had to mash "kakusei", a more experimental intrumental album, then "meiso" and "milight" and an onslaught of others. First song i ever heard was "final home", featuring Esthero.

final home, off "code4109" AND returning on "kakusei"

i made a mix of purely tracks hes done with female vocalists way back when and played that shit on loop, theres a lot and theyre all beautiful.

this is a cover of john lennon's "mind games", feat. eri ohno

skin against skin, feat. deborah anderson, off the album "milight"

message the the depth dealt with the war and burning hot political firebombs

milight and meiso dealt more with street bits.

real, feat. tragedy, off the album "milight"

duality(with djshadow), off the album "meiso"(i heart 1:36 so much)

only the strong survive, feat. c.l.smooth, "meiso"

and "ki-oku" was a dive into jazz with toshinori kondo, a famous japanese trumpet player.

"zen" marks a certain maturity for the artist and is a transformational shift into soundscapes, rather than purely beats, which would evolve into albums like bits of "message at the depth" and all of "jaku". if youve never heard a krush album, i urge you to begin your journey with "zen". my friend brent got a copy of it signed for me at coachella many years back and its one of my prized possesions to this day, its within arms reach right this second in fact.

song 1, off of "zen"

still island, off of "jaku"

so thats a quick post about someone that, if i believed in heroes, might just be a big one.

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