Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011


i just finished reading Watchmen for the very first time. one of the best comics ever written, but im sure you knew that already. fundamentally different from the movie, and highly recommended. Moore writes as a madman and Gibbons color/panel/linework accentuates it maniacally.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

found a neat prize

broke off of a wroughtiron something or other i reckon, its got some heft to it.  i like it, it looks like part of a giant key.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

24 hour blitz

i make a point in trying not to make posts like this, but we all have our occasional sweets, dont we? this is the first night documented by my widdle droidypoo, so bear with me.

so. friday. night.

went for dinner at kyushu ramen with ash, brandon and jimmy. the place is so fucking good man. legit surroundings, dim lighting, attractive young asian waitresses, fantastic food. rocked the kyushu. delicious as always.

bellies full of ramen, we hit up ffa, on balboa and devonshire, more for the sake of nostalgia than to play. lot of memories here, and they keep updating the place.

play for like a half hour of cvs2 on 1 quarter, whipped 4 or 5 humans and the same amount of cpus.

this is the very first glimpse ive gotten of kof xiii. you cant tell from the shoddy video quality, but the sprites are so fucking smooth and detailed that they look drawn. the difference between this and its predecessors is like that of 3rd strike and its.

heres a sprite that still doesnt do it in-game justice. in the game all the edges blur into the background and each other slightly, so theres literally no jaggies whatsoever. i chose mai for obvious reasons :D

so after a while we wound up going to volcano tea in ashs new topless minicoop. its adorable, i could put it in my pocket. i like the color, like a light slate blue. after a savage wind whipping, my hair had never been more tangled. We hit that little japanese snack/trinket shop next door first, then got some boba at volcano.

volcano tea seems to have a strict 'only hire cute asian girls' policy, one that i wholeheartedly agree with.

its other neighbor is a japanese clothing store, i want this hood/sleeve/paw combo, its badass.

so we mash our boba and take off, get home around 230, and brandon invites us to go to this comic/toy/collectible showthing. i dont really know what it is, but im down, but we gotta go at like 7 in the ay em. so basically i just wind up playing halo for like 4 hours. bam.

so we get there around 8, and its a straight up convention, comics and toys and cards and freaks and art as far as the eye can see. i was too busy checking everything out to take a shitload of pics, but heres a couple:

heres something magic-al. ok, for those not familiar with magic cards, notice the black border on top half of the mortify. that border goes completely around each and every magic card, and each one has a box of inlaid text like the necropotence. now, THESE cards were hand painted by an artist, directly onto the card, expanding the original center piece beyond the cards border and over its text to form a complete, extremely detailed, mini piece.

these box pieces are awesome.

heres a hilarious poster for a bruce lee movie. he can jump up and goofykick a bunch of motherfuckers AND karate chop a niggas head off at the same time. that shit is impressive.

after some hours, and a bit of hustling on brandon and jimmys side, we take off and head to the grill em all truck, which we knew was in noho that day. i saw them win that food truck challenge on the food channel a while back and ive had their famous behemoth, which is a bigass cheeseburger with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, but ive never seen the truck.

its pretty badass, and, as usual, the pics dont really do it justice.

heres the full on food truck caravan, dj'd by some badass radio station that i still need to find out the name of.

then i came home and crashed out until night time. werd.