Sunday, November 22, 2009

Put the foil on the chest and prepare for mighty infodump

We live in an age that no longer shows signs of a technological/cultural telescopic nature, we are now in the age of the all powerful, constant flow of information; the right now, the quick and the dirty of self-imposed evolution, and the corrosion that running on broken legs brings with it.

Youre all neurons now, this is whats been happening in the last week or so in your world.

Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics: The new highways of cyberizing.

IBM builds a supercomputer thats smarter than a cat.

Apple files a patent on a technology making adbombs possible on any device, anytime.

According to maths, there is something outside the boundaries of the universe.

London announces a massive architech cloud structure for the 2012 Olympics.

Scientists grow rabbit wangs in a lab.

The Pirate Bay tracker, shut down for good.

Russian bums found to have killed and partially eaten a man; sell the remainder to a kebab joint.

Peruvian gang kills people to sell their fat as cosmetics.

Macheteman jacks tacos from some guy.

The birdmen are near: Parachuting; without one.

First ever U.S. reefer cafe opens in Portland.

Womens Viagra created.

Bacon flavored popcorn exists.

This is a microsoft store in the year 2009:

and remember, keep away from that angeldust kids

So whats going on this week in your world? Electric veins, supercomputers acting as animal brains, the foundation of adbombs and infoclouds, human body harvesting, a death of a tracker and bacon flavored everything.

The year 2010 will be here in a little over a month, where are you?

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