Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday ReFacings

Good monday fellow meatbags.

The show must go on, mustn't it?

Here are todays refacings:

I feel i must address peoples concerns about becoming a world class criminal for drawing on their money.


This isnt about destroying money, quite the opposite actually. Well not even the opposite really, more like just another train of thought. The point is to make you aware, even for a second, that the paper you work for everyday to attain is yours and you can do what you like with it, which includes drawings and messages, which are then passed on to the populous until they make their way back to a bank and are destroyed.

Its just a fun game.


  1. hey human. ClonT here. thought i should not be so quite. hello all. phase two of operation we were here is complete...let the fun begin...

  2. lookgoodtome, hit me up later today yo, ive got some things.