Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fever Ray and friends

Holy shit, so last night i seemed to have been transported to some otherworldly section of reality.

Vuk started it all out with herself and a harmonium. She was the odd act out but made pretty music, idve liked some deep chunky beats to offset her voice and higher tones, but thats my style, and it mightve actually taken away from her style, so nevermind, its beautiful stuff.

Next up is someone ive never heard of but am following closely from now on.

Nosaj Thing
If youre not moving while hes doing his thing, youre probably dead. Seriously.

Heres a short visual show hes working on that looks fucking crazy.

Im keeping an eye on this shit.

Then came the beasts, Fever Ray.

'If i Had a Heart' slowly rolls out, along with a giant billowing cloud of smoke clawing its way out into the audience, eventually filling the entire room, making it into a foggy dream and setting the mood for the rest of the show.

Then come the crew. Then the lasers. Then the lamps. Sweet zombie jesus, the lamps. The whole thing was not a thing for words, but sufficed to say it liquified my chest and unfocused my eyes to the point of hypnogogia. If you ever get a chance to see this force of nature, do so. They played 2 songs that werent on the album too <3

Granted, a fone camera cant begin to contain this assault of the senses, but heres the opening song from last night:

And for anyone wondering if she can really hit those tones?


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