Friday, October 9, 2009

Kush L.A. Magazine

A quick post about Kush L.A. Magazine, a publication my brother let me check out the other day.

Im not usually an advocate of the whole weed culture thing, but i love the smoke, so i gave it a look through.

Turns out, its much more than i thought it was going to be, its a chunk of LA in little printable form; a little bit high times, a little bit LAWeekly paper, a club dispensary list, local goings on, as well as news on breakthroughs as far as legality and new registered uses and history you had no idea about. Its always nice to see something with a conditioned stigma around it talked about by grown ups in a rational way. Its Cali's biggest cash crop after all, or would be if legalized.

If youre in the LA area or California in general and likes the smoke, take a gander.

Its free, informative, fun and has coupons for weed.


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