Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update maybe perhaps

Hello meat, this is BonesandRobots.

I'm Triston, some people call me human, mostly people who don't know me.

I make things, and this is my blog where i post things. Some of it is my work, a lot more of it is random bits of art and culture swirling around here and there that inspire my days.

I think the random interest posting will slow here for a while, i'm working on a couple comic projects that allow me to avoid the wired cesspools i swim in regularly and focus on my own shit, so thats nice.

I'm sketching the full pages of New Water currently, a 12 or so page comic bit written by my buddy Juan. He doesn't know that I'm actually doing it so that'll be a fun surprise. It's also the perfect shot to test out a lot of techniques I've been rolling around in my domepiece in regards to sequential art and all that good stuff so i know what i'm doing when i start up Tribe, which is still a ways off, but getting a little more solid as days go by.

I'm waiting on this super flaky model Cameron to get me shots for a commissioned stencil piece, but I have a feeling shes all talk. Might be looking for a new model soon so if you are or know one, hit me up. It pays.

So yeah, things'll get more focused probably, stripping out Paper Futures i think, mostly i think because, talking to and interviewing artists i don't know for it is SO, FUCKING, BORING. Sure theres some gems in there, but listening to self absorbed creatures talking about how great they are and why makes me shit bile. I wish we were in the same room so I could vomit directly on their sandwiches. Plus i've already put out a one man issue of, without a doubt, one of the top 5 most badass art mags i've read this year; slap a check mark on the list. Could always go back to it, but theres little desire to unless i'm thrown copious monies for it. It's certainly a job.

So, yes, comics are coming. Because thats next on the list, in large print.

heres some newer drawings.


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