Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moon Wiring Club album IMMINENT

A voice beamed into my skull today.

It said:
"A new MWC album is IMMINENT (ish).

Please take time to digest this information clearly by practising the dance routines you've learnt from the recent ITV summer season along with this deftly stimulating promotional clip: Slumberwick Dreams.

Selected dance styles include:

Somnambulist half-baked shuffle
Reverse Outpatients Boogie
The Hypnagogic Hop
The Narcoleptic Pop
Backwards sleepwalk style
Sepia Insanity
Confusional B/W two-step frugg.

We wish you every success with your routines.

ITV judges will be forming out of the furniture to judge you in your own home NOW.

This is Confusing English Electronic Music."

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