Monday, October 18, 2010


Aaaaaah, so good when it hits your lips.

Woke up mid day today and it was black outside. Hard to feel bad about missing out on the daylight when theres none to be had. The great equalizer, weather.

For the last couple weeks things have been heavy; neverending nights of drawing and redrawing and getting things together, all for the opportunity to watch my laptop finally die a slow painful death at the hands of some virus, coupled with the ooolde olde computron finally giving in to the sweet sweet darkness.

Tried everything to revive it, but the only thing left is to suck the data off the drive and reformat. I havent yet, but it lies ahead. So yeah, about 3 days before deadline the compo keels over and i have to finish off the job on misc other machines without the proper programs, and without the convenience of connectivity. It was a fucking pain in the ass, and stressed me right the fuck out.

But as they say, when a door closes, a stairway behind the book shelf opens. In this particular case, two.

Enter a finished job and my good pal Eric, both of which resulted in new computers; a netbooky laptop from Eric that i'm currently using and a minimac from Drew for the Knucklesupper character drawings that ive yet to plug in and tinker with, since i need to come up with a proper monitor for the little beast.

I feel its important to really convey the thrill of this fat fucking upgrade of my given technosphere, i now have 3x the HD space, which is amazing given the fact that i was literally ALWAYS within 1 gig of full on my last electrosandwich. ALWAYS man, i can do so much more now its fucking awesome, not to mention the knucklesupper projects doneskies, i'll write up a proper post with pictures (whaaaaat) later.

Whatever i'm jabbering.

The point is that now i can kick open all brain ports again and devour information at a ridiculous rate. Site evolution is imminent.

I'll make the most of it i'm an extraordinary machine. <3

ps a gerl sitting next to me just muttered "for realsauce dude"

Yes. For realsauce, motherfuckers.

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