Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Bonne Nuit meatsacks.

Emptying my dump email tonight, that is to say random sites and things that readers send in to hurt my brain and destroy my spirit. And i pass that destruction onto you.

A blog of very lovely girls and things run by Joelle Peters, who is quite lovely herself.
Webcomix galore by sweet writer/illustrator Aaron Diaz.
Home of João Ruas, a ridiculously skilled illustrator in São Paulo.(he did a bunch of Fables covers)

A little olde(May), but it seems science has taken another step towards madness with the first synthetic lifeform. Now comes talks to patent a living thing. Ooooh good.


Remember that Pacman minigame on google a while back? Apparently it cost world businesses over $120M in lost work. Bwahaha says I.


A gallery of products that use animal bits. Some you wouldnt expect.

David and Dale, a strange duo makin strange webcomix.

Meet Mark Suppes, a man working on a fusion reactor in his apartment.

Really olde(JANUARY), but i understand Autralia has banned small boobs in porn because of Pedo-y concerns.

Dumb, Australia.



The BBC gives a camera to a bunch of chimps. Neat.

Thats it for now, thanks to all you cats sending gems to the swamp, i love swimming through it.

To drop some goodies into the sea, send linx to:, if it tickles my fancy or buttocks, itll show up here at some point.

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