Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alright then.

Mags done, got the proof the other day and i gotta make some slight spelling changes and other little crap, but for all intents and purposes, its done.

Spent this whole week so far just lounging about playing video games in my underpants and toking reefer. I deserve it.

But yeah, its about time i get a load of other stuff done that ive just been shoveling under the rug, because, frankly, i have no desire to do any of it. Regardless, gotta jump back into the lab and keep the gears cranking, lest they rust solid. I asked Wiv to help out here a bit with posting and all that, he registered his name here, so thats something i guess.

I heard theres a new study that indicated that people with botox not only dont show emotion fully, since they cant so much, but that they have trouble FEELING emotions as well, suggesting a symbiotic relationship between feelings and the muscles flexed while feeling them. If you cant feel yourself frown or smile, you dont register the feeling as much. thats kinda nutty.

off topic, but nutty.

new things afoot.

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