Thursday, July 8, 2010

music videos, hoooooooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


human, b+r yadda yadda yadda.

those keeping up know ive set up a channel for music videos. good ones. you know, like they dont make anymore so much.

added a bunch to the channel tonight, its at like 120 something so far and i'm aboooout half done.

heres a couple choice cuts:

Ian Pooley feat. Esthero - Balmes(a better life)

pooleys 'disco love' defines a great part of my life, and i've had a crush on esthero ever since dj krush's 'final home'. listen to both.

J Dilla - Nothing Like This

First heard it on one of the adult swims/stones throw comps, an artist that died way too soon. great song and vid. to quote a youtube comment - "i bet god has dilla all over his ipod." werd.

Ken Ishii - Extra

Ive been looking for a high quality version of this video for years. Literally, YEARS. Just found it :D

Oh, and it's directed by one of my favorite animators of all time, Koji Morimoto, of studio 4C.

Junior Senior - Take My Time

Everybodys heard 'move you feet' but no ones heard this. This is a mistake. Dig the 80s style low budge animation too. The notes make my head happy.

Jefferson Airplane - House at Pooneil Corners (live rooftop performance, 1968)

I may have posted this before, but it bears repeating since its one of the greatest bands of all time. This video encapsulates the late 60s, 100%. (its also a year before the beatles famous rooftop performance, bam.)

PS, Grace Slick. So fucking hot.

Lamb - B-Line

I came up on Lamb one day at Tower Records, yknow, when there were record stores that had pure pure pure music instead of sharing the space with fucking washing machines and laptops(im looking at you best buy). Anyway, this videos awesome and the songs awesome and the whole damn album, 'Fear of Fours' is awesome. So there.

KMFDM - Ultra

This wasnt an official music video, but i remember every Manga video release in the 90s had this video previewing all new stuff, and its still amazing. This is my youth, man. Props to ninja scroll, devilman, tom thumb and ghost in the shell, they stand the test of time. Props to Manga too for thinking "hey we should put badass animation to a badass song for our preview."

Before it was the thing to do. Good idea chaps.

Check out the channel for a boatload more tunes and eyecandy.

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