Monday, January 16, 2012

The World, Right Now. a 2012 beginning of the year infodump

Alright, so where are we? what kind of a place do we live in right now?

jesus, where to start?

the place is crumbling, and although its all connected and dependent on its pieces, lets take it one piece at a time.

theres a bill thats been causing a lot of noise in america called the SOPA bill(stop online piracy act), and another getting less attention, but is ridiculously similar, is the PIPA bill(protect internet protocol act).

what these bills will do is allow the u.s. government to block any web site on the internet from its citizens, for any period of time. its backed by huge entities like coke, viacom, wal-mart, sony, the entire music and movie industry, and hundreds more big name holders and at its face it allows the feds to block sites like thepiratebay and the like, but it goes way deeper in that it would make mediahubs like youtube and facebook responsible for every single copywritten thing posted on its site, which means every corporation will begin suing google, facebook, tumblr, twitter and everywhere else to take down ANY video with copywritten music or video, think about that for a second. they want to own everything, we cant even create new things with old trash anymore, they want it all. aside from this terriblly though out copyright clusterfuck, theres another bit that much MUCH worse. the ability to legally block any website is an opening to controlling the only remotely reliant news source that exists currently: mobile internet, crowd sourced, feet-on-the-ground-in-the-middle-of-it, news.

it means the news can be controlled again, like it is on television. to those who arent sure, every news organization is owned by a huge corporation like general electric or disney, thus all of the news are tilted a bit from the perspective of someone feeding information, keeping its veneers shiny while doing so. why would a corporate-owned news organisation release bad news about its parent company? it doesnt.

have you heard about the occupy movement in a while? no. me neither.

see what happened was something huge was happening in america, people were starting to catch wind of what was really going on here with the gov and business and how bad itd gotten, they took to the streets in vast numbers but the sheer numbers were rarely shown or heavily edited on the news, camps were put up everywhere to protest the banks crushing the world economy for the housing bubble among other things, but the police destroyed the camps and beat people up, which was shown, again, heavily edited on the news stations. they even killed a few. 300 people were arrested when the l.a. camp alone was shut down.

its already getting complicated, the worlds a complicated place. so essentially these bills will eliminate u.s. citizens from effectively communicating with one another at a basic level artistically and informationally, making americas citizens easier to control by separation.

in the year 2012 this is unacceptable.

this part is even more interesting though, some of the companies opposing the act are google, facebook, ebay, amazon, wikipedia, 4chan and craigslist.

if you take a step back and really look at this situation, this is about old versus new. its about brick and mortar and old business and old government trying to remain in control of an environment they can no longer evolve quickly enough to digest or compete in, but why digest or compete when you can stamp them out, old school style?

everything about every way this place is run is horribly outdated; our fuels, our attitudes, our education, our banks, everything. the thing is though, that the flow of information cannot be stopped now, not ever.

which brings me our next piece: where we are technologically as a species.

i remember hearing something once along the lines of, "youll know youre in the future when things move too fast to keep track of."

i believe that time is very close.

the track of telescopic evolution is leading us somewhere and were going to see where weve ended up pretty soon, i can feel it. i was listening to a talk by jason silva the other day and he brought to my attention a bit of a mind blowing concept to me. this is a reoccurring theme of human hallucinations, the ability to get a glance of the big picture, a life changing lens that many will never know and many will.

there is, undeniably, something bigger than ourselves.

ok, think about evolution. atoms and stardust to ooze to amoeba to bacteria to fish to mammals to humans, right? so when you think about it, a near infinite space full of loose atoms, gradually begin to combine, and through physics and billions of years, eventually became what it is now. by itself, by universal forces. by heat and gravity and magnetism and time and chemicals. what if this universe had been growing brains all along? suddenly, theres intelligent, sentient beings here trying to figure out how the universe works, and we are, quite literally, the biproduct of the very thing were trying to understand. we are the apex of known life and we are becoming something else via a world wide informational substrate that weve created, again, as a biproduct of evolution and hallucinogens.

think about that for a second, it takes a second to digest.

when was the last time people were hallucinating en masse? the 60s.

modern technology is a direct effect of this period of human history.

a modern smart phone is a million times cheaper, a million times smaller, and a thousand times more powerful than the most advanced supercomputer in the mid 60's, an exponential growth that will not stop until the line points directly up. this is not limited, and applies to every discipline of technology including biotechnology, meaning that we are on the cusp of becoming gods ourselves, something which i had a profound hallucination about on my birthday of last year via powerful drugs.

im losing focus, the drugs are wearing off and theres still much to say. ill be back in a bit with more focus rather than the full circle ramble this has become.

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