Saturday, January 7, 2012

rising plasmastar tenticlehead and jelly seaspacespike

long names for such small creatures, its true

life in space somewhere.

the jelly seaspacespike inhabits most spaceoceans in this and 3 of 8 adjacent octrants in the sector. its head is actually a helmet of very strong urchin-like shelling housing its soft, meaty head and brain. it moves quickly in short bursts using centipede-like leg precision with its stretchy, piston-like tendrils, which it also uses to digest and absorb its food on contact.

its existence is said to be unnatural.

rising plasmastar tenticlehead is a bounty hunter on companion planets taw and raw. originally hailing from earths japan, he tends to sport its sun on his gear. lab grown using earth octopus base cells, tenticleheads entire body is robotic, his legs were also modelled after japans gundam, which house thrusters to get around in space, as do his shoulders. he enjoys pursuing death bountys, bringing back only plasma melted flesh paste which dna is pulled from to prove the kill.

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