Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new drawings this whole week

been drawing for days, got a bit of a buffer that ill be posting through all week, heres a couple on the lower end timewise.

movemans done with these really amazing colored pencils(which im obviously not very good at using yet). the pencils are little tree branches, with bark and everything, with colored lead inside.

my sistar got em for me, theyre super rad.

also theres some ink and watercolor and ballpoint pen in there.

moveman is a streetkid, a survivor.

the word MOVE is printed across his tunic. he moves fast, and any distraction is completely unacceptable.


u.s.k.o.s just a little glimpse into this year, when the u.s. finally gets a big, fat, messy domeshot and knocks out, like an olde boxer.

it will wake up a different place. this will be a big event.


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