Monday, December 14, 2009


I feel like ive stepped out of a multimonth hibernation this week.

The numbness is gone, so all the mincey, hollow projects ive been pushing forward to stay too busy to think about the last however many months will halt to make room for something ive been adding bits to for months and that ive wanted to do since forever but never had the material.

So i dont want to lay too much out because once i set up expectations to meet the pressure makes it a job and can affect the piece-

-But what i will tell you is that drawing output will shoot up in the upcoming weeks because i need to limber the fuck up if im going to draw and write(with the help of ClonT) a multibook comic series(at least a miniseries) called TRIBE.

Present day, a dying city, class segregation, monumental consumerism, aggressively expanding gated communities, filth, love, money, power and a massive tribe of conflicted young people right in the middle of it.

Its looking to be a nice outlet for personal shit since its now coming in waves, and i got an idea yesterday about a little bit of audience participation(since ill most likely post new bits every week or two, freakangels status) from time to time.

Still worldbuilding it, but its getting meaty.

Im excited and nervous <3

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  1. we must keep building and it will begin to build itself