Thursday, December 31, 2009

A last minute 2009 read and the decision to jump into the future of true love.

There comes times in long long waves when one begins to question ones actions and selves to push oneself to become lighter. See yourself in a thousand perspectives, see what you are when youre outside and strive to better eye the soul without so much emotional static warping the gravity. Kill the negative memories of past lives, learn to let go of yourself and relearn to float. Remember the good and proceed and turn to light. Fitting then, today, that this would have such an affect on me with the decade of complaint finally dying out with little more than a murmur and a realm of new, ever expanding possibilities permeating the air - It smells like the future, and the real one this time. It smells of evolution.

Often, a proper guide; a catalyst, is in order, to light the darkness of the simply unknown.

Madman Atomic Comics is a flare in a labyrinth of confused memories and a feverishly evolving beast in a new world of its own creation.

Growing up, in retrospect, always included these little flashes of resonance when you experience a tiny sliver of certain things, and it leaves a little sear in your headmeats forever; its always there, waiting for you to water it. Ive always loved that.

I remember seeing Madman a fair bit growing up, in wizard ads and comicshops and in toy form and all that, and the wonderfully simple design of his character left such a sear, to be continued over 10 years later.

So here i am, this book filled with stardust in my hands and so many layers working in unison its fucking staggering.

Michael Allred both writes and draws this, which is something i have an IMMENSE respect for, and Laura Allred, his wife, is the equally amazing colorist without which so much of the soul would be absent. Think like 40's or 50's scifi transplanted to now with colors so vibrant they melt your eyes and line weights so perfect it boggles your mind, and you start to get an idea of whats going on here. Its nonstop experimental panelwork, styles and storytelling the whole time. Theres a 17 page sequence of Madman searching through nothing trying to find what he and it is and why and what he has to do with it. Well every panel of these pages is him viewing himself from outside perspectives of himself, and each is in a different recognizable style of iconic artists and timelines of the last fifty years, all done flawlessly. I dont want to get sperm all over my mouth here, but id go as far as to say with some confidence that its one of the most brilliant comic sequences ive ever seen. I got chills.

And yeah, when i find something i really like, i fucking ramble and ramble about it, but thats because when you find something that attaches to your spine and changes you, you want to make it available to everyone, just in case it enriches someone else when they need it.

So hopefully my hooey and tom foolery will have seared a bit of Madman into your braingoo hive, like a little timebombed seed.

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Be safe tonight guys, but refuse to hold back.
I'll see you on the other side. <3

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