Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 is dying.


I just read a post by Warren Ellis in which he details how the year 2009, full of rage and fear of soon becoming extinct, is attempting to kill him before the last box on the calendar is over and done with.

It's here.

Well i'm beginning to believe him. This month my mother had surgery on her left eye; then had it again to fix what they fucked up the first time. Right now she can only partially see from it, and shes been out of commission for weeks so i've had to pick up the extra tab on things. No matter the technology existing, it all comes down to whether you have enough money to rent it, and moneys tight. Also today i learned that i'm going to be evicted because my room mate(and little brother) has a exponentially growing drug problem that i've really been too self involved to give proper attention to. I dont care about the place, but i should be watching out for him better, and I intend to.

Anyway, thats how the great wave is, and it should provide some fertilizer for TRIBE. Even still, i'll be glad to watch this year die away and for the next to blossom brightly.

Fuck you 2009.


  1. Kia Kaha man. Hope 2010 brings you (and your family) a helluva lot more joy than 2009

  2. Thanks very much Nosh, i appreciate it.

    Mom's doing much better and the bro's handling his situation admirably.

    I think its all going to be okay, which is something im not entirely used to.

    Have a good new year, talk soon <3