Thursday, March 8, 2012

the hunger games and battle royale

so my girl made me read the hunger games, and at the time i had no idea that it was one of those books that everyone on the planet had heard about, i certainly hadnt.

so its about a future north america called panem where a huge capital city rules over 12 poor districts with an iron fist, and as a showing of their power, host a thing called the hunger games in which a boy and a girl from each district are thrown into a giant arena(im not sure if they mention size, but think like 15 or 20 square miles of forest and streams and things, its big). once in the arena, they must fight each other to the death over the next couple weeks and live off the land until only one remains. since its the biggest event in panem and is universally broadcasted, people bet on and sponsor certain tributes, and the entire fiasco from beginning to end is shown as a reality show for all to see. the winner is remembered forever and gains perks for her entire district for the year.

the story focuses on a girl katniss, who steps in for her little sister prim, who was chosen as this years female tribute of district 12, the poorest of all districts, known for coal mining. her district-tribute-mate is peeta, whom she knows from a long time ago.

theres craziness and brutality and coming to grips with such an insane thing happening and a lot of other awesome shit going down the whole book. i liked it. ive seen trailers of the movie, and the sheer number of tweens waiting for it to come out, and i sincerely hope that they dont make it into a twilight thing, as i understand it has a 4 movie deal and theyre to be pg-13, which is odd for a movie literally about murder, hostile segregation and political unrest, but harry potter was pg-13 and those movies were rad, so i hope they do it justice.

i also feel obligated to mention battle royale here, since its 12 years old and essentially the same idea, though told much differently, during present day japan, and with a heavy R rating. its brutal as fuck and one of my favorite japanese movies of all time.

fuck it, i say see em both.

battle royale is about pure brutality, and the hunger games is about what its like for a young girl to be thrown into it, so between them will probably cover the whole spectrum <3

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