Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clearing the dust

Hello meatbags, this is [bonesandrobots]

The ships been on autopilot for a while as weve been sorting through life lessons and the thickest muck we could find, people coming, people going, people dying, people birthing, all sorts of change, but still little coin for so much change.

Back to roots my children, weve taken back to the lab; myself, the theorist and mux. its been neglected for so long, the concrete floor is damp and there are cobwebs on everything. the air smells of dirt and rust and old rancid paint. Its dark and thick, but mux is fantastic with mecha, and will have it back in no time im sure.

We had a meeting and almost decided to disassemble the whole place, but its time for new projects without distractions and to move out into the darkness and bring forth light that isnt yet there.

Ive been sending messenger owls out to fellow illustrators and makers and gods, friendly and unfriendly alike, and already the owls are coming back with responses. This is good news.

Starting today, i am pleased to announce the beginning of INKFLOW II.

It will be bigger and better than the other Inkflows, and the sum of all books with a [bonesandrobots] stamp thus far. Ive quickly set up an extra page here for it, which will have an artist list and other sorts of updates, so stay tuned.

Heres a video to get a feeling of what has transpired here in the fortress in the last few months.

Its been emotional.

now then.


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