Monday, November 14, 2011

drawing dump, now with words!

heres some things from this week

now i dont do this much on here, but i have to toot my own horn here for a second, for i have accomplished one of my all time favorite goals so far.

i have officially sold u.s. currency for a profit. just the idea makes me feel warm and fuzzy deep in my bowels. i drew on these bills, and in doing so, raised their perceived value. upon showing, the top three were snatched up right quick, and very unexpectedly.

also the bottom was a tip for a nice waitress that jammed food aplenty down my gullet today :)

so then, enough sucking my own dick off, heres some other goodies.

most of these were done in math class, the two round ones are circular linoleum stamp prints i carved this week, theres about 6 more on the way, sort of a little series so i can make little baby stickers super quick.

heres the carved stamps
(yes i completely forgot to mirror the lettering, im stupid you see)

heres some badass chickies i drew at the mall. its been busy there because of the season and i like when kids come and watch. a few old people stopped to tell me they liked them also this time. i liked that too.

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