Friday, January 14, 2011

cool world

i dont think ive ever seen cool world in its entirety before, the animations really awesome, so awesome that i had to check out the rest of ralph bakshis catalogue and assimilate pretty much everything available. i understand that ralph hired a bunch of animators that knew their shit and told them to "do a scene. anything." and they spliced the bits between and over scenes of the actual "story" (bakshis screenplay was rewritten by the studio so its pretty weakish), to make most scenes really vibrant and busy, with lots of olde timey gags and bits, along with newer animation and rotoscoping. its very cool

ive seen 'wizards' before and glimpsed the cover to 'fire and ice' at videotime, the long dead video rental joint in moorpark loooong ago, but hes done an assload more including fritz the cat which ive heard of, based on an r. crumb character i understand, and a bunch more i havent, like heavy traffic and coonskin.

sweet, 70s animation, a new pocket for me :)

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