Thursday, June 3, 2010

music videos, motherfuckers.

Good morning transhumans,

This is [BonesandRobots].

Brewin up some c-c-c-coffee this morning, nice and sweet. It's foggy out, like living in a cloud. sky house, ground cloud, i dunno.

Cleaning up the site soon, its gotten a little clunky for my computers taste.

Also, since basically this page is, for the most part, my way of filing my cultureclutter archives, i've started a youtube account to compile the wonderous music video collection i've accumulated over the years onto a channel so theyre all in a spot that i can stream them from, and youre welcome to too.

Heres the link to the channel. its on the left too.

So far i have 'A' and half of 'B' up.


Oh, also, new strict drawing project. details later, go check out some music, itll bring you back.

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