Monday, June 21, 2010

monday funday

Oi oi oi, welcome to monday, home of the grind. I had about 14 too many drinks this weekend, ate lots o bbqed meats, painted a new piece, played little kid golf and didnt sleep a wink last night and im ready for fucking action, son!

the purple shark of giving

a thanks is in order to the cool kids that dropped a few coins in the hat over the weekend after reading the mag, it's much appreciated and we're now able to send away for the first(and hopefully only) proof today. i'm uploading it to our publishers right this second so itll hopefully get to me in a week or so...

as a precaution to avoid the purple shark of givings infinite wrath, dont hesitate to toss some change in yourself, lest you get the jaws.

In the meantime, check out this zine Alex the Yeti sent me a couple days ago.

It addresses, head-on, the very real, very concerning problem of the terrible ways yetis are treated in this day and age.

The Heygate Yeti

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