Thursday, May 13, 2010

Infodump. Your world. Now.

good afternoon, sinners.

its been a while since ive layed down an infodump, but since im currently running on zero sleep and gallons of coffee, id might as fucking well.

here is the last 2 weeks in the world that you live in.

Heres a shot of the gulf of mexico oil spill, as seen from orbit.

Good and Evil deeds stimulate powers. - a new study proves intent affects strength and willpower. protip: evil intent make you slightly more powerful than good.

Vagina Dentata device released in south africa. - stick your dick in this.

Recent Biohacking. - stretchy artificial skin, anti-bleeding pills, organ regeneration.

Suspended Animation human trials begin.
fucking awesome.

||L.A. orders 439 weed dispensaries to shut down.||
||D.C. set to vote on medical marijuana.||

To stop things like this from happening:
(caution, its pretty horrifying.)

Jupiter loses a stripe.

R.I.P. Frank Frezetta

Soldier opiate addiction shoots up(buhdumtsh) 500%.

Playboy set to include 3-d centerfold in upcoming issue.

'Spike your juice', turn your juice into booze in 2 days.

yep, things are happening all around you.

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